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SAP implementation Project Managment - Essay Example

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The projects carried out by this project management group particularly involve the implementation of SAP projects, both in the USA and…
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SAP implementation Project Managment
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Extract of sample "SAP implementation Project Managment"

Project Memo Our project involved the analysis of the operations of IBM Project Management under the leadership of Prakash as the Senior Project Manager. The projects carried out by this project management group particularly involve the implementation of SAP projects, both in the USA and abroad depending on tenders they win. Our analysis of this project clearly demonstrates several pertinent points with regard to the application of project management strategies and good practice as provided in the PMBOK. An examination of what the IBM PM team do on a typical project illustrates the application of various project management principles and practices that are desirable for project success and are largely covered in the PMBOK.
This project is quite simple, the IBM PM Team works under a well predefined scope covering major areas such as putting out fires, preventing scope-creep, and managing risks. The most important point coming out here is that the team understands what they need to do and develop the scope well in advance, it is also quite impressive that they determine the risks involved during scope development. This kind of practice is well covered in the PMBOK under the chapter called scope management where project scope definition is identified as a very important area where boundaries of the project are determined. The fact that Prakash and his team start by going to the client site, gathering the requirements, and calculating the plan schedule indicates that they are very serious with project integration management. This is well defined in the PMBOK as a chapter dealing where integration management is presented as an aid towards project planning, execution and control. The preliminary actions of the team culminating in site visit for planning indicates a deep understanding of the importance of this aspect of project management. In my opinion, this action can be enhanced by coming up with a document that clearly maps out all the actions at the site visit level and indicate the project roadmap from this time.
The project also includes another very important aspect dealing with stakeholders. After award of the contract it is clear that the Project Manager start implementation by defining objectives, purpose and justifying important actions. The scope is verified to fit within a measurement developed by the team that mainly involves determination of the commitment of stakeholders, performance is good, the schedules are predictable and that the risks identified are well mitigated. It is clear that the team is putting into consideration all important principles laid down by the PMBOK. Chapter 6 of the PMBOK clearly identified time management as one of the most important principles of project management. This involves development of a project schedule and ensuring that it is met just as Prakesh and his team has done. Their performance assurance plans are well within PMBOK’s principles of quality management, it is clear by development of WBS to help in management of the schedule and outcome is an effort towards quality. On the other hand stakeholder mapping is a demonstration of good appreciation of human resource management good practices as all stakeholders are part of the human resource that affects the operations of the project working with the project team. Read More
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SAP implementation Project Managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words. Retrieved from
(SAP Implementation Project Managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
SAP Implementation Project Managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“SAP Implementation Project Managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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