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Theories of Motivation/Productivity Management - Assignment Example

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From your definition, I gathered that people’s conscious choices as stated in Vroom’s theory could be termed as goal setting as indicated by Locke. It is also true that…
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Theories of Motivation/Productivity Management
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Extract of sample "Theories of Motivation/Productivity Management"

Download file to see previous pages I agree with you “a happy or satisfied employee is likely to exhibit positive performance, especially if they are acknowledged for their efforts and hard work.” I believe this is what goes on in every organization. On a personal point of view, do you think that well paid employees are happy and satisfied or must there be other rewards such as gifts and promotions that should be offered in a work environment to guarantee employee satisfaction?
Thanks for such an informative post on productivity management and your personal take on the same topic. Besides not having used the provided concepts in your personal life, I must agree that the way you have planned to incorporate them in your daily activities seems to be very productive. I would however, like it if you clarified a little bit more on how the five functions of management have helped in planning your daily tasks especially functions such as leading and staffing.
Thank you for such a short but highly informative post on this week’s discussion topic. I agree with you that to be “a better leader one must be constantly able to visualize ideas and how employees work and see themselves accomplishing goals”. You mentioned the five functions of management, however; you did not clarify specifically how they have helped you in your personal life, kindly elaborate more on this, as I would really find the information exceptionally helpful in relating it to a personal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Theories of Motivation/Productivity Management Assignment”, n.d.
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.... If given priority, employee motivation brings in tremendous positive contribution and this becomes evident in the organization’s productivity (Terpstra 1976, p.376). In conclusion, motivation has a pivotal role to play both in the short term and the long term goals of a company. Less motivated employees are likely to quit and find employment elsewhwere, contrary to motivated employees who feel mandated to drive an organization even to greater heights of success. Managers and business leaders should put great focus on motivation if they expect to get the maximum success of their businesses out of their employees....
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Work Motivation Theories influenced be people’s perception of equity. Equity refers to how individuals in an organization think they are being treated by the management. If any individual in an organization perceives herself or himself to be inequitably paid, relative to other employees with the same level of education or work experience, their motivation will be affected and their productivity will go down so as to eliminate perceived inequalities (Schermerhorn, 2011). Money or lack of enough salary can lead to dissatisfaction among employees. The theory further assert that employees assess information sources in terms of relevance personal, with similar others being used for comparison....
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Theories of Motivation

...employees and create an impression that productive work can be fun and not necessarily stressful20. List of bibliography Notes 1. Woodside, Arch G, and Drew M., (2008), Tourism Management: Analysis, Behaviour and Strategy, Wallingford, UK: CABI Pub, Print. 2. Maslow, Abraham H., and Deborah C, S., (2000), The Maslow Business Reader, New York: Wiley, Print. 3. Hoffmann, S., (2007), Classical Motivation Theories - Similarities and Differences between Them, Munchen: GRIN Verlag GmbH, Internet resource. 4. Sahni, P., and Etakula, V., (2010), Administrative Theory, New Delhi, India: PHI Learning, Print. 5. Worth, M. J., (2011), Nonprofit...
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Human Resource Management: Employee productivity and motivation

...learning has come to constitute over 75% of the motivation that takes place in the organization's sociological and operational sphere. ( Max DePree's book is titled Leadership is an art. This book traces the realistic situations and how leadership, as a quality, emerges as the winner in such trying situations in the everyday life of an organisation. This book is not the typical management text as the author has refused to cram it with hypothetical situations and theories. Gary Yukl's book on the other hand is titled Leadership in Organisations. It is a book that can empower an organisation to make the best of its human resources. This has been done by the author...
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Motivation Theories

...that it is possible to realise man's true nature through creative work which is its own reward is an exceedingly attractive proposition to the learned don which is rarely fully shared by his wife". Herzberg et al. (1959) goes further than Maslow et al., (1954) cutting the hierarchy off near the top and maintaining that motivation results only from some elements of esteem needs and self-actualisation. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Theories as Well as Their Criticisms Though these theorists have formulated theories which have catered to the needs of management to better understand their employees and find ways to motivate them, these...
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Team Motivation: Management Theories that the staff is passing a significant amount of calls to the manager that could easily be addressed by her employees; suggestively affecting the manager's own productivity in which her skills could be put to better use than by performing subordinate responsibilities. It has been implied that the bank maintains a vertical management structure, in which subordinates report directly to their superior manager. Further, it would seem that leadership takes a strict regulating role in monitoring employee activities in the company. A renowned behavioural theorist, Douglas McGregor, developed a Theory X and Theory Y view of...
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Theories on Motivation in Human Resource Management

...Theories on Motivation in human resource managementMotivation is the driving force that inspires every individual to accomplish their targeted goals. However, the actual factors that motivate people are still uncertain. According to Abraham Maslow’s (1943) hierarchy of needs theory, human beings are motivated by their unsatisfied needs. The theory suggests that the fundamental needs or physiological needs (safety, love and esteem) must be satisfied before moving to advanced stage needs. A satisfied need no longer motivates the individual unless the next higher...
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Motivation Theories

...Comparative analysis of motivational theories Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory: Maslow emphasizes that there are five basic needs of every human, namely physiological needs, safety needs, love and belongingness needs, esteem needs and needs to self actualize. The lowest stage depicts the most basic things that are required for the fundamental survival of a human being. As we move towards the top of pyramid, the needs shift from basic to opportunistic. The more stages of necessities a manager provides a worker with, the more the worker feels motivated and his efficiency in the work boosts. The step wise necessities can be seen in the Abraham Maslow’s...
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Motivation Theories

...Motivation Theories al Affiliation: Motivation is the power that instigates channels and maintains goal-driven actions. Different theories have been developed to explain the concept of motivation. One of these theories I mostly agree with include Instinct theory of motivation, which implies that people tend to act in certain ways because they are automatically programmed to act so as suggested by Miner (1994). For instance in the world of animals when it comes to seasonal migration, they are not told to do so but it is within their mind that they have to do so. Another motivation...
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Productivity Management

...Productivity Management Affiliation Productivity management Davis Allen gives a summation of his educative book Making it all work: Winning at the game of Work and the Business of Life. In the video, he describes how time management and productivity comes hand in hand in any organization. He explains how one can get things done with much ease when one incorporates several principles. He simply builds up simple elements into a whole set of admirable learning objectives useful for managers. He clearly draws a model of purposes, principles, vision, mission, goals, responsibility areas, projects, actions. He further expounds...
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