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Yahoo Work-at-Home Edict Squanders Benefits - Case Study Example

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In the research paper “Yahoo Work-at-Home Edict Squanders Benefits” the author analyses a directive, issued by Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer to all the staff to come back to work from their telecommuting custom of reporting to work…
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Yahoo Work-at-Home Edict Squanders Benefits
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Extract of sample "Yahoo Work-at-Home Edict Squanders Benefits"

Yahoo Work-at-Home Edict Squanders Benefits
Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, issued a directive to all the staff to come back to work from their telecommuting custom of reporting to work. Yahoo developed this decision based on a research published by the national bureau of economic research, which stated that homeworkers had utmost satisfaction with work leading to fewer quitters. Although these were among the benefits, yahoo concluded that even of the good performance at work there were no increases in performance. Stanford University’s Nicholas bloom proved that homeworking improved performance by 13% mainly due to reduction in sick days and work breaks (Kennedy, 2013). Other attributes were due to making more calls per minute thanks as a whole to the more silent working environment. In the same survey, by Boom, it probed how the performance gains were doubled.
This is backed by most economies who agree that the call-centre is mostly suitable for telecommuting, and in this, the workers activities can be monitored. Yahoo in their memo to all workers, on the other hand, insisted that everyone should report to work and focus their claims that working side-by-side increases and guarantees collaboration, which improves everyone’s efficiency and productivity (Kennedy, 2013). Despite numerous studies having proofs on positive fruits of telecommuting, yahoo still did not consider how productivity is enhanced through a work force based on long hours at the office with limited attention for family and community. On a personal basis, yahoo’s step on their telecommuting policies was focused on a type of telecommuting that substitutes for time spent at the office, and give workers an opportunity to avoid long travels and strategize their work hours around family and community responsibilities (Kennedy, 2013).
For technology companies like yahoo, it is somehow vague to develop a format of analysing those working at home’s performance in the sense that they were structures, which were built by living at the office with peer and it provided splendid results. Even though most people lobby for working from homes claiming that it makes their lives remotely possible and affordable in relation to raising kids and maintaining family. Yahoo’s head of human resource stated that communication and collaboration would be as significant as the company works in a more fun, well-organized and extremely fecund heights (Kennedy, 2013). Therefore, I can conclude that Mayer, the CEO, has managed to tame the company to its present status characterised by high stocks, and it is to this latest move evidently motivated by yearning to advance production.
Bottom-line still remains yahoo could have engaged other numerous ways of fostering collaboration instead of focusing on the return to work policy. For example, the CEO could have contended on basic labour hours or days for all the staffs, when everybody is operational on site. Another way was mounting combined workspaces closer to every single neighbourhood where the home-workers reside. Yahoo is also a Silicon Valley company, which can afford large screens to Skype in telecommuting team members for weekly or daily meetings, which could be the best routine part of every group space.
Kennedy, S. (March 2013). Yahoo Work-at-Home Edict Squanders Benefits: Cutting Research. Bloomberg , 1.
Retrieved from: edict-squanders-benefits-cutting-research.html Read More
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Yahoo Work-at-Home Edict Squanders Benefits Case Study - 32.
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