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Investigation of Technology: Google and Yahoo - Essay Example

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This essay discusses the search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, that are tools that help us scour the Net for the mundane things that interest us. The researcher focuses on the analysis and comparison of these two search engines and presents their interfaces and technology…
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Investigation of Technology: Google and Yahoo
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Extract of sample "Investigation of Technology: Google and Yahoo"

Download file to see previous pages In this essay, the researcher aims to take a closer look on Internet search engines, focusing mainly on the leaders of the pack, Yahoo and Google, on their interfaces, features, technology and functionality. These two engines still trump their competitors in terms of popularity and in overall performance, so it is interesting to get an insight into what makes Yahoo and Google tick. This essay also explores the potential of this technology as a business application that could expand modern business horizons, and enhance information exchange. For many of us, Google and Yahoo has been a vital intermediary between what we want to know and the answers that are out there somewhere on the Net. Within a few years since advent of the Internet, the rise of these two companies has been remarkable. And despite spending almost nothing on marketing, both of them have become two of the most popular and most visited Web sites on the Internet. Each of them has also found their distinctive way to make serious earnings. Their business is split evenly between advertising on the Web site, and selling its search technology to other websites. Their new mission is to capitalize on its technology by entering new markets, such as selling its search engine technology to corporations for use on their in-house networks. And it looks like they both have a strong chance to thrive in this new market, thanks to their core strengths. The most important task now is to broaden their technology lead as they have gone from Internet phenomena to a real business. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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