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Group Productivity - Essay Example

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The complex challenges that globalization and competitive environment pose to an organization cannot be tackled by a single individual, but demand the capabilities of a group or a team. Group results from an interaction of two or more people who try to influence each other…
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Group Productivity
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Extract of sample "Group Productivity"

Factors Affecting Group Productivity at Johnson & Johnson Factors Affecting Group Productivity at Johnson & Johnson The complex challenges that globalization and competitive environment pose to an organization cannot be tackled by a single individual, but demand the capabilities of a group or a team. Group results from an interaction of two or more people who try to influence each other (Griffin & Moorehead, 2008). Being a part of Johnson & Johnson has given me a chance to closely investigate the group productivity and thereby identify the underlying influences.
First of all, the company’s ‘Credo’ contributes to the productivity of groups (Johnson & Johnson, 2012). It links the management’s philosophy to the employees. Prominence is accorded to the customer service aspect and the organizational values are emphasized by this document. Thus, it conveys the vision of J&J to all its employees and the groups and provides direction to their efforts. Clear objectives wards off the ambiguity on their expectations and improve their performance (Griffin & Moorehead, 2008).
The training given to the employees on Diversity and Inclusion (Johnson & Johnson, 2012), helps the members from different backgrounds to appreciate the significance of heterogeneity and respect the various cultures. Such an accommodative behavior breeds trust within the group, refines the communication channels and builds a healthy relationship among the members. This factor, along with the other features such as ‘Common Ground’ program for conflict resolution and ‘Employee Resource Groups’ that take advantage of the interests of employees, promote productivity (Johnson & Johnson, 2012).
J&J is a workplace that relies heavily on research and development, especially the pharmaceutical division (Johnson & Johnson, 2012). The work culture that fosters innovation also promotes competition, not only between different groups, but also within the group. The employees in some cases need to fight with their own group mates for resource allocation and sharing. Further, the achievements of the groups are highlighted rather than individuals and thus, there is a scope that discrepancies arise among the high and low performers within a group. These aspects lead to a climate of anti-trust and differences ultimately disturbs the group productivity.
Thus, propagation of company’s values and communication of inclusive behavior to the employees drive productivity, while competition and related rivalry bring down the efficiency of groups at J&J.
Griffin, R., & Moorhead, G. (2008). Organisational behavior. (10th edition ed.). Mason, Ohio: South-western Cengage Learning.
Johnson & Johnson. (2012). Our company. Retrieved from Read More
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Group Productivity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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