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Operational Scenario Name: Institution: Operational Law 1. When deciding how to address these problems within the prison, which of the three ethical decision criteria would be the best fit, why? Three different criteria that can be used in making ethical choices include the utilitarian criterion, focusing on rights criterion, and focusing on justice criterion…
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Operational Scenario
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Download file to see previous pages In a focus on justice criterion, rules are imposed and enforced fairly and impartially so that there is equal distribution of costs and benefits among individuals, also protects the interests of the less powerful and underrepresented individuals (Livingstone 2009). Thus, the best ethical decision criteria that can be used in addressing the problems within the prison would be a focus on justice criterion. This is because using justice criterion protects the interests of the less powerful and the underrepresented individual. Justice criterion is best in protecting the inmates from the prison staff. The first group view shows that the prison staff uses punitive approach toward the inmate population. This shows that the inmates are been abused by the staff, which could be the reason why there has been a lot gang-related violence in the prisons. It is also clear that racial identity is the biggest problem among the prison staff. Hence, use of the focusing on justice criterion would ensure there is equal distribution of duties and responsibilities among the staff without regards to race. However, focusing on justice criterion can affect productivity and innovation because it encourages a sense of entitlement that reduces the ability of an individual to take risks. 2. Within a prison, performance and social arrangement norms are likely to be norms that reinforce consistency among staff. How is this likely to affect overall job satisfaction? What effect will it have on employees who are not conforming in personality? In every organization e.g. a prison, it is crucial to have group norms in order to ensure productivity and development of the organization. As stated by Chevalier (2007), norms are acceptable or unacceptable standards of behavior that are shared by all members in a group. They are mainly created in order to facilitate group survival, avoid embarrassing situations, make behavior of individuals more predictable, and to express the values of the group. The performance norms determine how group members should be engaged in their work i.e. how quickly they should work and produce (Livingstone 2009). Their main purpose is to govern levels of individual effort. The social arrangement norms are created in order to influence the informal social interactions within a group such as meeting after work social groups or lunch social groups. Thus, these norms are likely to promote overall job satisfaction and productivity within a prison. According to Daft and Marcic (2008), performance norms promote cohesiveness which is essential for productivity of the group. The cohesiveness and productivity of a group depends on the performance norms. For instance, if the performance norms are high, a group will be more cohesive and productive, but if the performance norms are low, productivity will also be low. As stated by Robbins and Judge (2010), individuals who conform to group norms experience more positive emotions due to conformity; hence result to positive work attitude and job satisfaction. Moreover, the social arrangement norms enhance day to day interaction of the prison staff, the supervisors and the inmates; thus, promoting job satisfaction. What effect will it have on employees who are not conforming in personality? The personality of an employee determines how they behave, think and feel about their job satisfaction or jobs. The attitudes of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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