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Nucor case - Term Paper Example

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Managers make different decisions in their companies, and each decision has a direct influence in revenue, costs, and profits. In analyzing the case study of Nucor steel company, different…
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Nucor case
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Extract of sample "Nucor case"

Download file to see previous pages With improving economies’ growth is expected to boost desire for many to purchase the product in the medium term.
Steel producers and mini-mill companies are situated in the midst of a very competitive environment in both domestic and global scale, which adversely affects their profitability. This competition among steelmakers is to capture a significant portion of the steel market in light of the fact that, the global supply of steel far exceeds the demand for steel products (Thompson 207). The first competitive forces impacting steelmakers is the force to drive down the profitability of steel industry, steelmakers are primarily affected by the abundant steel supply versus demand, which depresses the market price of steel as a commodity.
Competition among steelmakers is to lower product prices in order to capture a significant portion of potential customers. Secondly steel producers are adversely impacted by the entry of foreign players into the domestic steel market that are able to advantage of lower labor costs in the country. The influx of cheap imports from foreign steelmakers stiffens the existing price competition among rival steel producers hence lowering prices of steel imports; dragging down steel market prices. Lastly, steel producers are more vulnerable to the increasing cost of raw materials. This rising cost of materials has led to increase in the cost of production making it difficult for them to be price competitive. The difficult in product differentiation in the steel commodity market makes it necessary for min-mills to be able to compete with their rivals based on price, that is; pricing and market niche (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson 33).
The driving forces in the steel industry; the technology evolution which is a change in the steel making technology has revolutionized the world’s steel industry. The use of COREX technology in the production of steel has increased profit and its environmental ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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NUCOR Corporation Case Analysis the initial thrust to foray into new territory. At the same time, they would also reduce its cost of expansion by sharing not only the broader goals and objectives but also the human competencies. Conclusions One can therefore, conclude that Nucor has huge potential that can be judiciously used to expand its business interests across the globe. The managerial leadership of Nucor must exploit its various elements of competitive advantage to enter new markets of growth like emerging economies. It would provide the company with strong leverage against its rivals in the industry. (words: 876) Reference Byrnes, Jonathan. (March 2003). The Bottom Line: Profit From Managing Your Product Flow. Harvard...
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...a growth strategy. The strategy has made the company realize increase in profits and a corresponding increase in the number of their customers. The generic strategy that has been adopted by Nucor is the cost leadership strategy. This strategy targets a broader market and promotes low cost of production (Porter, 1998). To gain a competitive advantage in an industry, the firm must show to its customers that they will get value for their money. The cost leadership strategy is adopted in cases where there are many competitor and the customers are very sensitive to prices. Nucor has achieved this strategy by keeping their cost of production low and at the same time producing a wide range of...
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...Nucor Case Study Instead of a separate performance appraisal system, Nucor judges performance based on quality, productivity and profitability. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Nucor’s choice? The primary advantage that Nucor gets out of its performance judgement system is outstanding labour relations. There are no union based problems as employees are satisfied and trust the company for their good. Moreover, Nucor’s system helps employees earn more money than their counterparts through innovative schemes. This ensures that the most productive people are brought to the front and appreciated accordingly. In most other...
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