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Position of Nucor Corporation, a Leading Producer of Steel in the US Market - Case Study Example

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The case study "Position of Nucor Corporation, a Leading Producer of Steel in the US Market" analyzes the peripheral and domestic industrial and competitive factors affecting the position of the company to determine the driving forces and important success factors of the company…
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Position of Nucor Corporation, a Leading Producer of Steel in the US Market
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Extract of sample "Position of Nucor Corporation, a Leading Producer of Steel in the US Market"

Download file to see previous pages Analysis of  Nucor’s challenges is exaggerated competition from global competitors, fluctuating steel cost, increased raw material cost, amplified energy cost and increasing costs to abide by the environmental convention.
- An alternative course of action to deal with such challenges are global expansion, development of innovative technologies, strategic acquisition, hedging, and market expansion.
- The recommendation is provided to the company for dealing with their challenging issues. Nucor Corporation needs to practice pricing and revenue optimization which will prove to be a successful technique for enabling the company to enhance profitability and competence.
- Implementation of the plan can be possible by the contribution of the company’s readily available human resources, financial resources and time. The company has a strong organizational culture in combination with various technological innovations to support the growth plan.
Nucor Corporation over the recent years has positioned itself as the fourth largest steel manufacturer by market capitalization. The chart below shows the increased revenue increase in the steel company for over two years (Whatley, 2013). The sales of the company have been rising over several quarters, now having a revenue increase of 15%. 
Due to the tremendous consolidation of the steel industry and monopolistic US steel market conditions, the company did not cut its prices much in order to respond to the down market in the current years. Nucor Corporation's net sales declined due to selling less steel and not lowering the prices of steel. The company is making attempts to grow in the UK economic downturn and trying to build a long term value for its shareholders (Dzielinski, 2013). Nucor Corporation is also facing tough competition from other leading foreign steel manufacturers which are offering steel products at highly competitive prices. Nucor Corporation has positioned itself as the global leader in environmental performance.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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