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Nucor Corporation - Essay Example

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ANALYSIS OF NUCOR’S PERFOMANCE IN THE STEEL INDUSTRY Date Competitive Forces in US Steel industry In a liberal market economy where the forces of demand and supply are the major determinants of price and terms of trade, businesses have to formulate strategies that are aimed at positioning it for competitive advantage…
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Nucor Corporation
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Download file to see previous pages To begin with, there is competition for the inputs that are required in the production of steel. The industry core input is from recycling of scrap metal. The many firms in the industry thus compete for these metals used in production. There is also competition for market share between the players. Market share determines the level and volume of sales that a firm makes and therefore influence e the profits to a firm (Porter, 1998). The foreign suppliers further tighten competition for market share in the steel industry. Firms in this industry as well are faced by the threat of entry by new firms as this may influence negatively on the performance of the already existing firms. Michael Porter five forces model can be applied to explain the competitive forces in this market. According to porter, the five factors that influence the performance of firms are the threat of entry of new firms, threat of substitute products, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of customers, and the rivalry among firms (Porter, 1998). These five forces will affect operations and determine the policies to be adopted by firms to ensure that the competitive edge against competitors is attained. In this market for instance, there is high bargaining power of customers. ...
The fight for market share is a zero sum game where if one firm increases its market share then the others will lose their share. In the US industry, there is threat of entry of very new firms or formation of partnership, alliances, or mergers that will make the competition stiffer. Nucor Corporation has therefore increased its acquisition of new firms and reduced the bureaucracy to ensure flexibility and better performance. The industry is thus highly competitive. The bargaining power of suppliers also exists in the industry because of the many firms in the industry. In this industry, firms have to look for scrap metals that are molted and used in producing steel products. The companies must therefore offer good prices for input for them to have continued supply of raw materials and reliable suppliers. The third force is the threat of substitute products. Substitute products have similar uses and satisfy the same need, therefore becoming important for competition. Industries that are characterized by the existence of closer substitutes are highly competitive and must ensure quality production and good pricing. Continuous restructuring and strategies are also important for the success of the firms. Presence of substitute products in the steel industry, together with the imports from china, turkey and other foreign countries have made competition stiff in this industry (Thompson, 2010). The four forces together with the rivalry among firms are the component of the five forces model. The rivalry among firms is determined by the ease of exit, branding, product identity, product difference and switching cost. The low cost of switching and the ease of exit makes the steel industry in US ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nucor Corporation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Nucor Corp

...?Nucor Corp. has been operating in the US Steel industry for 66 years. This industry is characterized by a considerable level of competitive rivalry resulting from 3 categories of competitors: immediate, impending and invisible. The immediate competition is exerted by US Steel which exceeds Nucor Corp. in terms of production quantity. AK Steel Holding Corporation and Steel Dynamics Inc. are also immediate competitors. Nucor faces impending competition in its international operations. The main competitor in this case is ArcelorMittal which produces 28% of the production volume accounted for by the top 12 producers. The invisible competition is potential in large companies...
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...? Nucor Corporation Introduction Nucor Corporation refers to a steel production company in the United States (Boyd & Gove, 2000). Its headquarters are located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company claims to be one of the largest of the minimill machinists. This refers to companies that use electric arc burners to melt scrap metals rather than companies that operate integrated steel works with blast furnaces. This article will discuss the current trends in the steel industry and how they have impacted Nucor’s strategy. It will also discuss the organizational structure and management policy at Nucor Corporation. It will...
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...? Innovation, Change and Motivation at Nucor Corporation Number Question The organizational culture of Nucor Corporation is a devolved management system where rewards are based on performance. The organization attempts to achieve wage parity, embrace technology leadership, and foster effective customer care. Apart from these cultural values, none of the company’s employees is unionized. Nucor does not approve of unions, as it believes the culture is counterproductive, especially where building of a strong workforce whose objective is to serve the steel company’s interests is concerned. Nonetheless, the employees remain committed to quality of service and...
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Nucor Corporation

...Running Head MBA Case - Nucor Corporation MBA Case - Nucor Corporation Nucor is one of the leading steel companies operating in the USA and Canada. The driving force behind world economic growth has changed from manufacturing volume to improving high quality. As a result, the key success factor for many firms including Nucor is maximizing high quality. Rather than price, quality has become the dominant influence on customers' perceptions of value (Nucor Corporation 2008). Thus, strategy refers to the means a firm uses to reach its ends. Fundamental to every firm's mission and competitive strategy is its...
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...companies and new entrants in the industry (Nucor Corporation Website, 2010). Alternatives to steel in the industry are few or limited, and none in some aspects where the only required properties must be those of steel. This phenomenon gives the steel industry an outstanding benefit over threats posed by substitute products. Plastics among other closely related products substitute steel to some extent but not fully. However, this is in most cases observed in times of economic hardships and when steel prices are substantially high. Low substitution of steel follows its properties, which exhibit strength, durability, and cost efficiency across auto manufacturing, structural supports, and fastening...
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...Task: Case study for Nucor Steel Company Case studies bring interesting, real-world circumstances in the study of business fields. Managers make different decisions in their companies, and each decision has a direct influence in revenue, costs, and profits. In analyzing the case study of Nucor steel company, different central firm issues, firm goals, the constraints to improving the firm and the relevant alternatives to counter the problems are addressed. To grow in steel market, metal producers are increasingly expanding territories, not only to manage input costs, but also to secure access to strategic raw materials (Michael et al 13). With improving economies’ growth is expected to boost desire for...
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...Case Study of Nucor Corporation of the Executive Summery The case study provides an analysis and assessment of the position of Nucor Corporation in the market, a leading producer of steel in US. The peripheral and domestic factors affecting the position of the company are analyzed. The aspects which generate issues for the company are industrial and competitive factors (Dzielinski, 2013). These are evaluated to determine the driving forces and important success factors of the company. The evaluation of the internal factors includes analysis of the organization, resource, capabilities, core competencies, financial performance and growth strategies. a)...
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