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McDonalds Sustainability Efforts - Essay Example

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This paper "McDonalds’ Sustainability Efforts" focuses on the fact that the author is elated by the sustainability strategies and initiatives that McDonald's has rolled out in recent years. The outcomes have been an extremely impressive and worthy example to other business organizations. …
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McDonalds Sustainability Efforts
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Extract of sample "McDonalds Sustainability Efforts"

 Starting with nutrition, McDonald's promotes the use of natural fruits and vegetables directly from the firm. Also, it has specially designed milk products with low-fat contents for children. By tailoring their efforts to meet specific consumer demands, this company has managed to cut down on the wasteful supply of food products.

As regards to environmental conservation, McDonald's has partnered with several other agencies to carry out research aimed at developing sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging materials. By reducing effective weight as well as improving the design of materials used for packaging, the firm has significantly reduced the amount of raw material required to make the packages. In addition, the package materials are organic in nature, hence biodegradable. This reduces the environmental impacts of waste packets. McDonald's has further taken measures to tap most of the recyclable green energy. In their restaurants, they have installed solar panels and wind turbines so as to utilize solar and wind energy respectively. These actions reduce the overall dependence on oil energy that is not only non-recyclable but also the greatest contributor to air pollution (Gonzalez-Mendez).

In conclusion, McDonald's has done impressive work in so far as sustainability is concerned. They deserve to be commended for their role in sustainability.
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McDonalds Sustainability Efforts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 317 words. Retrieved from
(McDonalds Sustainability Efforts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 317 Words)
McDonalds Sustainability Efforts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 317 Words.
“McDonalds Sustainability Efforts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 317 Words”, n.d.
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