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Strategic change programmes - Essay Example

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In the context of the Namibian Ministry of Health and Social Services, programmes have been initiated that would address the…
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Strategic change programmes
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Extract of sample "Strategic change programmes"

Strategic Change Programmes Readiness, capa capability and diversity are some of the elements or contexual issues that influence the success of strategic change programmes. In the context of the Namibian Ministry of Health and Social Services, programmes have been initiated that would address the rising maternal-mortality rate.
The permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Andrew Ndishishi, indicated that the ministry had failed in the supply of staff uniforms for a number of years. He also added that the responsibility of providing patients’ attire and bedding were left to the patients themselves to fend for themselves. This shows the failure of the ministry’s procurement department and the unprofessionalism being displayed by the institution which trickles down to the services being offered to Namibian citizens and the rise in maternal-mortality rate.
To curb this embarrassing problem, the tender board has allowed the ministry to buy fabric in bulk and train people to manufacture the required uniforms and patient attires. This measure would ensure the ministry has the capability and capacity of providing the necessary uniforms and attire to its staff and patients respectively. By so doing, patients and in particular expecting mothers, would have proper attire and bedding as well as maintain high standards of hygiene in the process thus reducing the risk of maternal-mortality.
The uniforms of the staff will also be clearly branded with ministry and government labels so as to make them easily recognizable. This will ensure that the manufacture of these uniforms is not prone to any abuse by ill-minded persons. Therefore, this brings about the element of readiness, in that the programme pre-empts a problem and puts safeguards to solve the problem.
The new procurement measures by the ministry will also cater for curtains and linens in addition to staff uniforms and patient attires. This shows the diversity of the programme since it addresses multiple issues all at once.
In conclusion, the efforts by the Namibian Ministry of Health and Social Services to stem the country’s rising maternal-mortality rate can be seen in the implementation of the new procurement programme.
Romanus, Konjore. 2013, Namibia: Health Ministry Pleads for Patience on Staff Uniforms. The Namibian, [Online], Retrieved 17 March 2013 from: Read More
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Strategic Change Programmes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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