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Strategic Role of Human Resource Management - Assignment Example

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The company is one of the top calibrated firms in the UK since 2006 when it began to consider four principal business lines including home textiles and polyester yarns; electronic goods, information technologies, and durable consumer goods; real estate; and energy production…
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Extract of sample "Strategic Role of Human Resource Management"

Download file to see previous pages A good place to start this was in the business of home textiles, as the firm successfully established its first renowned brand in the home textiles market in Turkey. Earlier in 1990s, the firm managed to engage itself in the business of electronics after acquiring Vestel Electronics. Zorlu aimed further to expand by taking the plunge into the energy sector in 1996. After ten years, the firm started to initiate another business in the real estate.
Today, in Vestel Electronics alone, Zorlu is employing more than 15,000 people, and having 1,050 sales points and 400 after-sales service centres. Having almost 50 companies, Zorlu has now become home to around 30,000 employees who manage to work with the company for the future of providing highly improved quality of life for all.
Prior to the actual recognition of potential applicants who would make it through the entire recruitment process, the Zorlu Group is adhering to its policy to select the human resource having a heart to live in its core values. On its website for its Human Resource Policy, the firm states, “We expect every employee to commit to our group’s shared values” (Zorlu Holding, 2013). This shows that Zorlu would want to become effective in employing its corporate culture and strategy by making sure that the human resource has the adherence to its core values.
After passing the tests, the successful applicants would proceed to series of at least 2 or 3 interviews with the HR or the executives in relevant departments who would initiate at some point a competency-based interview (Zorlu, 2009).
Those who would make it all the way from the general tests to interviews proceed to offer stage. This is the final part of the recruitment process where the applicants would receive employment contracts if they accept the offer (Zorlu, 2009).
This process is a clear indication of optimising the human resource’s potential contribution for organisational benefit (Compton et al., 2009). This also paves the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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