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Human Resource Strategies of South African Breweries - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes the Human Resource Strategies of South African Breweries. The writer of this essay suggests that change in reward systems can be linked to organizational change programmes so as for the two to run smoothly without conflicting in either way…
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Human Resource Strategies of South African Breweries
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Download file to see previous pages In terms of measurable outcomes high performance working produce more qualified applicants per position, more employees hired, based on validated selection tests, more hours of training for new employees and a higher percentage of employees receiving
High-performance working is aligned to the best practice of strategic human resource management in the sense that high-performance working is a set of HR policies, strategies and practices that maximize the competences, commitment and the ability of the firm’s employees. This means that high performance working; HR activity produces measurable superior results.
In reference to South African Breweries Limited, all the practices carried out by the company aim at high performance. For instance “value-sharing workshops” involving 6,000 employees held by Mac Group a U.S consultancy company, the training investment the company has embarked on intended to up-skill all terms members and take autonomous multi-skilled working practices, restructuring of jobs and cuts in staffing levels, effective communication, performance appraisals, career development, succession planning, corporate social responsibility. The whole thrust of high-performance working’s superior recruitment, training, appraisal, screening and other practices is to build the sort of highly trained, empowered, self-governing, and flexible working force that companies today need as a competitive advantage. 3
Therefore high-performance working aligns itself with strategic human resource management in ensuring that the company’s goals and objectives through human resource strategies, policies, and practices.
· By allowing those affected by the change to participate fully in planning and implementing it. This is done in order to get them to ‘own’ the change as something they want and will be glad to live with. By creating strong committed and visionary leadership from the top. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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