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Customer Relationship Management - Essay Example

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The focus of this paper "Customer Relationship Management" is on a trend and practice of most modern organizations. The modern organizations are driven by customer care and customer consideration. C.R.M is a source of connection between customers and organizations…
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Customer Relationship Management
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Extract of sample "Customer Relationship Management"

C.R.M is acronym for Resource Management. It is a trend and practice of most modern organizations. The modern organizations are driven by customer care and customer consideration. In such situations special customers’ related matters are handled by a separate and dedicated department in the name of customers’ resource management. This department deals with all the problems, concerns, and issues of customers.
C.R.M benefits: C.R.M is a source of connection between the customers and organizations, it allows knowing what the customers exactly want, and how do they want it, based on their desire, the products and services can be manufactured and generated.
Web 2.0 which has brought about revolution in different marketing concepts, like advertisement and many other ideas, the C.R.M concept is equally affected by web 2.0. Through blogs, social media (face book, twitter), the customers are kept in touch with the organizations. The web 2.0 provides fan pages and other similar links which enable staying in touch with the pulse of masses and customers.
Components of C.R.M:
C.R.M has certain set of components, and each of them is vital for the overall productive working of C.R.M. each component works in a complementing way towards the other and these components are as following:
Market automation
Customer service
Sales automation
Marketing automation
These five units are basic elements of C.R.M and each has its own role to play.
Other components include, earning the customer loyalty through good services, long established contacts
Customers’ retention is an important factor. It is being said that a satisfied customer brings along 3 to 4 customers with himself while a dissatisfied customer takes away three to five customers with himself therefore customers response is very important either way.
Large number of enterprises have taken up C.R.M work and processes in their routines within their organizations. These organizations realize the impact of C.R.M and the dividends that can be extracted through it.
Benefits of C.R.M: the benefits of C.R.M are multifold. It is a source f direct contact with the customers. C.R.M enables saving time and through direct methods the direct questions are addressed. Other benefits involve doing more with less that is saving money and saving time. C.R.M allows working to the will of clients and since clients are the backbone of any given organization, hence C.R.M is the pivot towards the organizational success. Other goals and advantages of C.R.M include reliable measures, enabling of taking on board the customers and then resolving the issues and obstacles relative to the problems at hand and customers demands.
Canada’s company Bell is C.R.M enabled and it brings into action all the functions which are necessary for successful execution of C.R.M policies. Various other multinational organizations have also adopted C.R.M policies (exitallergy).
C.R.M is a tool which if utilized in a proper manner change the fortunes of a respective organization, for it has the ability to structure the organizational units relative to the customers demands and considerations.
exitallergy. Bell Canadas Phenomenal Success with CRM. 2011. 16 March 2013 .
Gancarz, Mike and Jeffrey Peel. Linux and the Unix Philosophy. Digital Press, 200 Read More
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Customer Relationship Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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