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Strategic Management and Organizational Dynamics - Case Study Example

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The author of this paper "Strategic Management and Organizational Dynamics" comments on the current strategic position of PepsiCo. According to the text, the current business model of the company is evaluated to identify the success of PepsiCo in terms of strategy formulation and implementation…
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Strategic Management and Organizational Dynamics
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Extract of sample "Strategic Management and Organizational Dynamics"

Download file to see previous pages From a strategic perspective, it could be observed that PepsiCo is the global leader in convenient snacks, foods, and beverages market.
According to Ansoff Matrix, PepsiCo has been using the growth strategy of product development. It has been observed that the company is constantly introducing new products into the existing market and this has been the strategy that has helped Pepsi to grow. Some of the popular brands that have been introduced in the existing market i.e. food and beverage include Mountain Dew, Diet Pepsi, Lays, Doritos, Tropicana, Gatorade, and Quaker. The aim of such constant development is to remain ahead of competitors in the market and to enhance the market share by providing the customers with a variety of products.
In order to create value, the core strategy of PepsiCo is to enhance the product offering in the same market. This has been continuously observed that PepsiCo has introduced several brands in its existing market to create value and to tackle its competition. According to research conducted, it has been that in emerging markets like India, 25 percent of the sales volume comes from juices and water. Similarly, 60 percent of the volume in North America comes from non-carbonated drinks.
The TWOS matrix has focused on providing recommendations for the future strategy of PepsiCo. TWOS matrix is an important tool to formulate strategies (De Wit, & Meyer 2004). In order to do so, the strategies for the company have been analyzed and identified using the strengths and opportunities of the company, using the weaknesses and opportunities, using the strengths and threats of the company and then using the weaknesses and threats of the company. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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