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Analysis of Usable Websites - Essay Example

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This essay discusses an analysis of usable websites. The writer of this essay understands how most websites operate. I take very little time to get the information about how a website really works. There are good interactive elements on the website and can be categorized as a web 2.0…
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Analysis of Usable Websites
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Usable Websites"

Analysis of Usable Websites
Usable websites is on the increase. One site that is usable is that of; this is a website that is used for searching songs. It is a music website. The search for a song is simple and the user is able to rate the song, play, and share the song. These steps are simple for every user. There is the use of just in time design. The menus come in view when the users are in need of them. The hot keys (the keys that are used to play, pause or move to the next song) are only visible when the user starts typing for a song. They are not visible all along. There are good interactive elements in the website and can be categorized as a web 2.0[Dhi07].
Another site is that of This is a website that is used for personal finance. This web site is fantastic in design because it guides users of the various forms of saving and transacting with money. it makes the whole process simple. New users take really minimal time to register for an account with them. It is very fast to use and makes use of web 2.0 technologies. It is interactive and is therefore categorized under web 2.0.
Another website that is designed well is that of This is a website that is commonly used by many people for email services. The good thing that makes this site usable is that is has simple features that make it simpler to use than other email services. It is possible to view Microsoft Office documents in mail attachments without changing the experience of the users.
Some of the badly designed websites that make them not usable include With this website, the design is poor. It is not clear where the user will click in order to move around the website. Another issue with the website is that it is difficult to know where the home page located. The users find it hard to navigate around the website. There is poor interactivity of the site with components. It is far from being categorized as a web 2.0[Dhi07].
Another poor website that is poorly in This website is poorly designed because the owner is a businessman who has many enterprises and probably wants us to know about these ventures. It is difficult to start.
The last website that needs to be looked into is that which is also poorly designed. There is no order of information. This site is not laid down correctly as there are many issues that should be looked into that should reflect the requirements of the website. The layout is poorly designed[Bak07].
I am an intermediate website user. This is because I have been able to interact with various kinds of websites. I understand how most websites operate. I take very little time to get the information about how a website really works.
A novice user is someone who is still new in website use. The likes that I have stated,, would be a difficult site to visit and use as a novice user. This is because there are complications to new year’s. is another site which might be difficult to use for novice users. This is because there are new components that are used in the website. The novice user would use the third website, with no difficulty.
The poorly designed sites would be poorer and also just as difficult to the novice users.
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Analysis of Usable Websites Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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