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Compare betwwen Virgin Atlantic and Ryanair - Essay Example

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The former is an English airline company specializing in trips around the world with a competitive advantage based on provision of superior customer service while the latter is an…
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Compare betwwen Virgin Atlantic and Ryanair
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Extract of sample "Compare betwwen Virgin Atlantic and Ryanair"

Topic: Compare between Virgin Atlantic and Ryanair VIRGIN ATLANTIC AND RYAN AIR Virgin Atlantic and Ryan Airare two airlines sharing similarities but having many differences too. The former is an English airline company specializing in trips around the world with a competitive advantage based on provision of superior customer service while the latter is an Irish low-cost and short-haul company operating mainly in the United Kingdom air space (Budhwar and Bhatnagar, 2009, p. 29). This paper addresses the theoretical application of the similarities as well as differences of the Maslow hierarchy of needs between the two companies.
Psychological Needs
These are basic needs necessary for human survival and they include the need for water, air, food, and sleep. Virgin Atlantic and Ryan Air have ensured that all its employees enjoy their psychological needs while working for their respective organizations. Both companies offer their employees food, water, and operate in an environment where there clean supply of air. This makes it easy for the survival of their employees and there is little or no difference. The little difference is the fact that Virgin cares more for the psychological needs of its employees compared to Ryan Air.

Security Needs
They include needs for security and safety. Examples of security needs include desire for a steady employment, shelter from the employment, and health insurance. Virgin Atlantic and Ryan Air both offer insurance cover to all its employees to cover risks associated with their work. This is a good decision for both companies because it gives employee a peace of mind that they are protected from risks. However, Virgin Atlantic offers a steady employment for its workers compared to Ryan Air and thus can be supported by the fact that Virgin values its employees just like its customers.
Social Needs
They include needs for belonging, love, and affection (). They stem from relationships such as friendships, romantic attachments, and family relationships. Employees get their social needs fulfilled when they get companionship and acceptance. Virgin Atlantic is considered as one of the best organizations one can work with because of there is greater fulfillment of social needs compared to Ryan Air. Virgin Atlantic has an organizational culture that promotes team work and this is a great source of companionship and acceptance.
Esteem Needs
Esteem needs originate from the desire to get things that reflect personal worth and social recognition. Virgin Atlantic is a great brand in the airline industry and this gives its employees a lot of self esteem. This is based on the fact that they are being associated with success and this improves their self worth. However, the same cannot be said of Ryan Air because the company has a weaker brand compared to Virgin Atlantic. Therefore, the two companies are at different levels of meeting the esteem needs of their employees because of the differences in the strength of their brands.
Self-actualizing Needs
This is the highest level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and involves people becoming self aware and concerned with their personal growth. Both Virgin Atlantic and Ryan Air have put in place reward systems that ensure people get promoted through the ranks on the basis of their performance and this is the greatest source of self-actualization.
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