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Bowen and Ostroffs HRM System Strength Model - Essay Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the HRM system strength model presented by Bowen and Ostroff. The researcher states that this model is one of the most crucial measures for the purpose of understanding different aspects of the HRM…
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Bowen and Ostroffs HRM System Strength Model
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Extract of sample "Bowen and Ostroffs HRM System Strength Model"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings, nowadays the landscape of the HRM Practices has been changed quite significantly In existing highly competitive and dynamic business environment no business organization can be succeeded without the intensive support of its employees. In this regard, business organizations have started to be more concentrated on the making its Human Resource Management system more effective and strong. For this purpose, different theories and frameworks have been articulated towards making the HRM systems of a business organization more effective strong. The paper explains some crucial aspects of this HRM system strength model. Moreover, the essay also discusses some positive as well as negative aspects of the model so that an effective critical evaluation of the system can be presented in the most effective manner. For the purpose of explaining the disposition of HRM in the existing period of time, there are a number of different theoretical perspective. Among such HR related theories, HRM system strength model articulated by Bowen and Ostroff can be considered quite crucial and effective model. This model is based on the attribution theory of Kelley, which states that the degree of distinctiveness, consistency, and consensus are prime factors associated with the situation, which directs people to change their attribute. The Bowen and Ostroff’s HRM system strength model can be considered as an extension of attribute theory. The scholars further classified the attributes, i.e. distinctiveness, consistency, and consensus, as illustrated in the Attribute theory of Kelley. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bowen and Ostroffs HRM System Strength Model Essay.
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