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Timeshares versus Hotel Rooms - Essay Example

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The following paper highlights that a timeshare as an ownership model simply allows people to own and use only units of a resort or a property. The most common type of timeshare is the ownership of timeshare holiday resorts for vacation use. It is a new idea in the property ownership business…
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Timeshares versus Hotel Rooms
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Extract of sample "Timeshares versus Hotel Rooms"

Timeshares versus Hotel Rooms A timeshare as an ownership model simply allows people to own and use only units of a resort or a property. Most common type of timeshare is the ownership of timeshare holiday resorts for vacation use. It is a relatively new idea in the property ownership business, but gaining popularity very fast.
Different people have different reasons why they prefer timeshares to hotel rooms. For those who consider luxury, timeshares provide more room space and better amenities in comparison to hotel rooms. While in hotels, only a room is offered, timeshares offer a many rooms options. Although some hotel rooms may offer two or double rooms, timeshares offer queen or king beds set up in private rooms. Hotels only offer television sets in rooms while for timeshares, television is found in bedroom and living areas. Other amenities offered by timeshares but not offered by hotels include Jacuzzi tub in bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and washer suites. Customers may consider investment initial investment involved in buying a timeshare. Although this could be high, with time, they become cheaper.
Six types of timeshares are available for buyers in the market in relation to their tastes, affordability, time and period of ownership, capacity, luxury, and availability. During their early days of invention, most developers provided a fixed one-week unit annually meaning the buyer could only occupy the unit once a week every year. However, many developments and modifications have come into place and flexibility in the product has been rising with increased demand and customer tastes. Until recently, developers did not spend enough time and money in making the structures. It is worth noting, “Most early timeshare resorts were conversions of old hotels, motels, rental-apartment complexes, or unsold condominiums” (Schreier 3). She further stresses that conversion typically undergo extensive renovation, and they may involve adaptive reuse of historic structures. Today, more time and resources are spent on constructing structures for timesharing purposes.
Deeded timeshares gives the customer freedom of owning and using the property until the time of passing to the next party. This means that a title deed is issued to the owner to prove ownership of the property which could also be handed down to an heir if the owner so wishes. Life property timeshares allows the buyer to use the property every year for the rest of his life from the date of ownership. The disadvantage is that their benefits end at the time of death of the owner, making them impossible to be passed on to heirs.
Leased timeshares allows the owner to use the property, limited to the number of years stated in the lease contract. It does not allow the customer to own the property, but allows for temporary lease of the said resort. When the lease period expires, the customer ceases to use the property (Schreier 5).
Customers who consider floating time and points timeshares have to buy points or credits that they can use when they wish to go on vacation in specific seasons. This type of timeshares has the advantage of varying sizes in accordance to availability and customer’s needs. Other timeshares offered by resort offers space useable in multiple locations in that the owners have the opportunity to use a timeshare in any part of the world owned by the resort provider.
In conclusion, a comparison of timeshares to hotel rooms reveals numerous advantages of ownership the letting a hotel whenever a person wants to go on vacation.
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