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Establishment of a Public Relations Department within a Holiday Resort in the Flinders Ranges Promoting Eco-Tourism - Essay Example

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This paper is a brief to the CEO of Holiday Resort in the Flinders Ranges Promoting Eco-Tourism. The brief included a rationale for such a department, the role of PR in the organization, the stakeholders it should address, and the tasks that it should undertake…
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Establishment of a Public Relations Department within a Holiday Resort in the Flinders Ranges Promoting Eco-Tourism
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Extract of sample "Establishment of a Public Relations Department within a Holiday Resort in the Flinders Ranges Promoting Eco-Tourism"

Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that the goal of PR by a corporation is to persuade the investors, public, employees, partners, and stakeholders to uphold a point of view about public relations, its products, leadership or political decisions.  Activities involving public relation include speaking at conferences, working with the press, employee communication and winning industry awards. According to Danish Public Relations Association, PR is a management function that tabulates public attitudes; define the interests, procedures, and policies of a company followed by implementing a program of action to win public acceptance and understanding. An establishment of PR department is critical in building the relationship that advance, benefit and promotes the reputation of the Holiday Resort. Being an eco-tourism sector, gaining the confidence of its clients is key, and this is facilitated through marketing the company’s services and product. Improving reputation is a fundamental objective of most organizations. As such, a PR department creates an industrial partnership and strong community translating to increased productivity. The public relation will be vital in maintaining the Holiday Resort’s image and conveying its information to the general public, investors, and customers. A positive perception of Holiday Resort is likely to increase the number of tourists both locally and internationally as it improves its bottom line. The public Relation professionals will work closely with the CEO to craft an overview of how the Holiday Resort will be perceived and assist in planning to design a positive image. Unlike in marketing, the public relation professionals aim at organizing interviews with clients, writing the press release and providing information on the company’s achievements. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Establishment of a Public Relations Department Within a Holiday Resort Essay - 2.
“Establishment of a Public Relations Department Within a Holiday Resort Essay - 2”, n.d.
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