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Management - Analyze your options with K-T analysis [sap22] - Essay Example

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K-T problem analysis technique identifies five basic stages such as defining, describing, determining the likely causes, testing the most feasible cause and verification of the true cause (Ratner, 2010). K-T is ordinarily a problem solving approach based on data, logic and…
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Management - Analyze your options with K-T analysis [sap22]
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Extract of sample "Management - Analyze your options with K-T analysis [sap22]"

Using K-T Techniques Using K-T Techniques to generate New Ideas K-T problem analysis technique identifies five basic stages such as defining, describing, determining the likely causes, testing the most feasible cause and verification of the true cause (Ratner, 2010). K-T is ordinarily a problem solving approach based on data, logic and research, but not intuitive. It borrows on the historical ingenuity and knowledge of many project managers and engineers to speed up the project teams capability to creatively solve problems. In isolation, K-T conveys predictability, repeatability, and reliability to the problem-solving methods with its algorithmic and structured approach. For more than 65 years, primary findings of research bring out:
1. Problems and solutions are defined across the sciences and industries. Through classification of the contradictions in individual problems, good creative solutions to the problem can be predicted.
2. Blueprint of technical evolution is described to repetition across the sciences and industries.
3. Creative innovations employing probable scientific solutions external to the field in which they were developed. Greater application of K-T constitutes learning these repetitive patterns of problems-solutions, technical evolution patterns, scientific effects methods, and application of general K-patterns specific to the circumstances that force the developer.
Problem and Objectives
The attention of the management is significant in ensuring that workplace safety and health of employees stabilizes. However, Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) believe that troubles of many grocery stores gives a basis for providing solutions for protection of workers. The study objective is to establish the relationship between workplace activities and the development of back injuries and sprains. The problem viewed from the dimension of the employees takes care of their safety and health. The alternatives available to companies are to provide opportunities for workers to work in a protected environment.
Using the K-T Technique
The K-T technique enables the grocery stores to value the quality of work from employees by investing on their health insurance and welfare (Ratner, 2010). The company can invest in ergonomics and product liability where inadequacies of products can be traced and repaired or reworked. Finally, employee safety can be harnessed and sustained by buyers who insist on minimum requirements and employee safety (Genrich, 2006). Through these alternatives, injury reduction will be reinforced by improvements in information and technology. There will be a greater enhancement of the relationship between workplace activities, back injuries and sprains.

Significance of K-T Technique
Grocery stores experiences the growth injuries and sprains
Confidence to grocery workers limited by financial and psychological insufficiency
Possible cause
Companies have few chances for employees to get safe environment
Activities at place of work are spread all over the industry
Preventive action
Employees to take care of their health and safety
Checking the processes, methods, relationships and machinery that contribute to the outputs of the organization
Safety of employees can be sustained and harnessed by buyers who insist on minimum requirements and safety of employee
Contingency plan
Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) believes that troubles of many grocery stores gives a basis for providing solutions for protection of workers
Injuries reduction will be reinforced by improvements in information and technology
Inherent contradictions also referred as physical contradictions, are circumstances in which people or system suffers contradictory, opposite needs (Ratner, 2010). Daily examples include: The machines used in the grocery store should be sophisticated (to have many features), but has to be simplistic (to be easy to learn). Items sold to be easy to transport, but well stacked to prevent falling on the customer. Staff training on occupational should be thorough, but not take longer time.
Ratner, B. D. (2010). Creating problem solving. The K-TJournal. Real Innovation Network. Retrieved 2 October 2010.
Genrich, A. (2006). The Innovation Algorithm: TRIZ, systematic innovation, and technical creativity. Worcester, MA: Technical Innovation Center.  Read More
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