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HR Planning Process /Employee Selection Methods - Assignment Example

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In the United States there is a shortage of skilled workers in many industries including manufacturing, medical field, and technical positions. Companies…
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HR Planning Process /Employee Selection Methods
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Extract of sample "HR Planning Process /Employee Selection Methods"

Part I Human resource planning deals with the assessment of the future supply and demand for human resources (Ivancevich, 2001). In the United sthere is a shortage of skilled workers in many industries including manufacturing, medical field, and technical positions. Companies must study the labor marketplace to determine if there are sufficient laborers available within a community to fulfill the needs of the company. Whenever a company cannot meet its labor needs by recruiting employees in the local market they must import talent from elsewhere. Talent can be imported from other states within the United States or by hiring foreign laborers. HR planning can help an organization meet its objectives by accurately assessing the labor market. Companies that do not use human resource planning can get into trouble once an operation starts because they might not be able to recruit all the talent needed to run the operation.
The human resource manager is the person responsible for finding all the employees needed to run an operation. Onetonine is a website that human resource managers can to find information about specific careers (Onetonline, 2013). If a human resource manager is forced to recruit employees outside its geographical area the company must offer an above market compensation package to persuade people to join the organization. A company I worked for which had to use human resource planning to accomplish the firm’s goals was SCM. SCM was a startup company that had to adequately plan its human resource needs due to the fast growth of the firm.
Part II
Employee selection is the search for an optimal match between the job and the amount of any particular characteristic that an applicant may possess (Ivancevish, 2001). Some of the important attributes, characteristics, and credentials that employers look for during the selection process include a formal education, work experience, and personality of the applicant. The goal of employee selection is to choose employees that have skills and capabilities that match the job descriptions of the different positions available at the firm. Two selection methods are structured interviews and employment tests. Structured interviews are performed by a human resource officer or by the general manager of the company.
Interviews allow the interviewer a chance to get to know the candidate. A con of structured interviews is that it does not properly assess the skills and capabilities of the job applicant. Structured interviews utilize the same set of questions for all the candidates that apply for the position. The interviewer typically has a scoring protocol to determine if the candidate is a good option for the firm. Employment tests provide a chance to determine if the candidate has the sufficient skills needed to fill the job vacancy. Two potential tests that a company might give to job applicants are IQ and emotional IQ tests. These two tests measure the intelligence and emotional intelligence of the candidate. The written communication skills of a person can be tested by making the job candidate write a short essay on a topic.

Ivancevich, J. (2001). Human Resource Management (8th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill Irwin. (2013). ONET Resource Center. Retrieved February 6, 2013 from Read More
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