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United States Department of Lapor ( organazation theory) - Essay Example

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There are various factors that affect both success and the failure of an organization in an intensive way and should be considered in decision making. The Belinda gates…
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United States Department of Lapor ( organazation theory)
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Extract of sample "United States Department of Lapor ( organazation theory)"

United s Department of Labor (organization theory) Business Environment The success of an organization in today’s economic landscape is dependent to efficient managerial skills. There are various factors that affect both success and the failure of an organization in an intensive way and should be considered in decision making. The Belinda gates organization is a globally leading foundation that facilitates healthy living and reduction of poverty among people. It is a non-profit organization and its operational activities occur in a dynamic environment. In an aim to promote education in the society, the management interacts greatly with the society. Primarily, helping the community is a virtue that cannot be overlooked but it involves a number of external stakeholders. For example, the construction of buildings such as hospitals and schools requires the approval of the government. It is in such an environment that the foundation operates in its daily activities. Belinda gates have three major trustees who are in charge of controlling, planning, organizing and coordinating activities. The media comprise the external environment, and it plays a vital role in informing the public of the foundation’s progress. In addition, it creates an avenue for criticism which is significant for the foundation. Financial registrations, legal issues are challenges that affect the foundation, thus hindering its progress(Fernando, 2011).
The Belinda gates foundation operates under the open system where it interacts freely with its environment. This is achieved by delivering services that are community driven and directly influence people’s lives. This system facilitates sustained growth as the organization easily adapts to new environments. In addition, its survival is guaranteed through serving its environment from which it gains support(Wise, 2012).
Organizational theory - a practical approach. (2010). Copenhagen: Hans Reitzel.
Fernando, A. C. (2011). Business environment. New Delhi: Pearson.
Wise, L. (2012). Using open source platforms for business intelligence: Avoid pitfalls and maximize ROI. Waltham, MA: Morgan Kaufmann. Read More
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