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Company Analysis-Ethics and Social Responsibility(AMAZON) - Essay Example

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Doing the right thing as stress by a sound business ethics does not only mean exercising conscientious and morally right business practice but…
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Company Analysis-Ethics and Social Responsibility(AMAZON)
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Extract of sample "Company Analysis-Ethics and Social Responsibility(AMAZON)"

Describe your company’s ethical standards and behavior. How well is the management team performing in relation to those standards? Amazon’s ethicalpractice as a company is carefully crafted to be aligned with its vision and culture as a business organization. Doing the right thing as stress by a sound business ethics does not only mean exercising conscientious and morally right business practice but also doing what is right strategically, financially and commercially (Ali and Bijan, 2011). This ethical standard is already encapsulated in their vision as a company that reads “We seek to be Earth’s most customer-centric company for four primary customer sets: consumers, sellers, enterprises, and content creators” (Amazon a, 2013).
Discuss the company’s position on social responsibility. How well is the management team performing in in relation to its stated position?’s ethical standard which is encapsulated in their vision as a company meant doing their job right that in doing their job right, this would be their greatest contribution to the good of society as they lower their prices, expand selection and other initiatives in the future. They also give to the communities where their employees live and their donations are spread throughout nonprofit organization across the United States. They also engage in volunteer works and give grants to the writing community (Amazon b, 2013).
This standard of Amazon’s ethical standard is practiced in a way that was elaborated further by its CEO stating that this approach of “offering customers the lowest prices on virtually any product they wanted and providing a quality customer experience” is the only strategy that will provide long term value for’s customers and shareholders (G.A., 1999)’s ethical standard to be a customer-centric company also extends to their environmental friendly operations. Most of their orders are shipped in “corrugated containers which on average contain 43% recovered fiber content. Once used, these containers are 100% recyclable for use in the manufacture of other paper products” (Amazon c, 2013).  Large products such as television sets, and other appliance and household items are shipped using paper as packing materials that are 100% recyclable whose content is already 50% recycled (Amazon c, 2013).
One of the concrete examples of Amazon’s ethical standard being aligned with their business strategy as a company is best illustrated by its new product Kindle. In an interview with its CEO Jeff Bezo, he stressed that as a company, they do not want to make money out of their hardwares that would make their price prohibitive. This is also consistent with their ethical standard of offering the most cost effective service to their customer with an exceptional customer service. Instead he said, a break-even would be enough in their Kindle line of products because they want to encourage reading among their customers (by purchasing its online books) which is where they make profit plus they had contributed to the greater good society by facilitating a more informed citizenry (, 2012). This way, their ethical practice is aligned also with their business objective.
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