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Ethics Awareness Inventory - Essay Example

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Every individual has own beliefs in terms of what is right or wrong which is driven by the internal conscience. An ancient ethical theory by Aristotle suggests that Moral Psychology drives the Character which in turn is the most important factor for justifying decision making provided the decisions are taken based on adequate reasons…
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Ethics Awareness Inventory
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Extract of sample "Ethics Awareness Inventory"

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In the modern context, an individual's decision would be accepted as ethical if the person has taken all impacting factors into account and considered all those people who would be impacted by the decision. Given the modern complexity of organizational & social systems, it is practically impossible to take a decision that doesn't impact anyone negatively. Hence, all such decisions that are taken in the favor of the larger part of the mass are normally treated as ethical. Overall, the Ethical Decision making orientation of an individual can be judged by the Ethics Awareness Inventory Profile that requires answering a series of questions by assigning the "level of agreement" that are useful in identifying the inclination of an individual towards the four measurable parameters of Ethical Decision Making - Character, Obligation, Results and Equity. In this paper, I present a brief on these four parameters, my own Ethics Awareness Inventory and an ethical challenge that I faced in the past at my workplace. [The Williams Institute for Ethics and Management - EAI. (2008)]
The Ethics Awareness Inventory takes into account the Ethical orientation...
ory takes into account the Ethical orientation of an individual towards four measurable parameters - Character, Obligation, Results and Equity (CORE). The measurements are carried out through a questionnaire that asks the individual to vote at a certain level of agreement against the questions asked - ranging between the extremes of strong disagreement to strong agreement. The orientation against the four parameters is defined as below:
Ethics Orientation towards Character - An individual who gives high value to excellent moral principles, integrity, honesty and behavior
Ethics Orientation towards Obligation - An individual who gives high value to loyalty towards an individual or organization by demonstrating high levels of responsibility
Ethics Orientation towards Results - An individual who gives high value to the results of a decision and hence thinks through every aspect of the impact of the decision on everyone involved
Ethics Orientation towards Equity - An individual who gives high value to his/her equity in a decision and believe that beliefs of right or wrong should be changed based on circumstances in order to extract the best benefits out of them.
[The Williams Institute for Ethics and Management - EAI. (2008)]
My Ethics Awareness Inventory:
My Ethics Awareness Inventory assessed against the on-line questions at the portal of Williams Institute of Ethics and Management reveals that my Ethics Awareness profile is more aligned towards Character & Obligation and Least aligned towards Results & Equity. When I map the results with my own thought process, I realize that I have been giving highest emphasis to moral excellence and loyalty to my employer against results & equity. I have never bothered about the results of my decision as long as I was convinced ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethics Awareness Inventory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
“Ethics Awareness Inventory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words”, n.d.
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