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Leadership and Non-Leadership - Essay Example

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The essay “Leadership and Non-Leadership” present in the first part traits through different personalities on leadership and those on non-leadership. According to the personality, we are able to see how too earn respect and influence. These are earned through diversification of roles…
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Leadership and Non-Leadership
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Extract of sample "Leadership and Non-Leadership"

Spencer Eccles is a highly committed leader and through his philanthropic endeavors, he is able to join politics. This is to fuel further his political agenda. From diverse experiences across many organizations, leadership can also be natured. Through Natalie Gochnour, we are able to witness growth in leadership. Maura Carabello on his part builds his career at Time Inc. This gives him the skills, which he later uses to successfully co-found a communications Inc. The communications firm has grown progressively by 30% each year. (
David Jordan successfully leads a practice of law earning him a lot of respect. He also practices civic leadership through engagement in leadership of a variety of organizations and activities. This is vital for an all-round leader. Clark Ivory is a more technical leader who shows prowess in data-driven decisions. Through his analytical decision-making, he leads Ivory incorporation into massive growth. This leads to growth in jobs for the populace. As a leader, Rich McKeown shows us how a career can be shifted as he begins as a teacher and finally becomes an attorney. He later becomes chief of staff in one of the state departments and ultimately leads a multi-million dollar consultancy. Kirk Jowers on his part is a highly educated leader from Harvard. He leads the Federal relation to the US. He fuels its expansion worldwide through significant growth. Lastly, Jim Kearl is one of the most sought out professors. To worsen the situation, he is also heavily relied upon by many organizations. His expertise also makes him be sought after by many governments for consultancy. (
On the contrary, non-leaders are Gladys Prutt; she does not endow trust and belief in her subjects. This lead to the deterioration of Prag’s Social trust. This she was given the role of leading. Scollin Dengony could not initiate good communication procedures. Communication is vital for coordination roles. Inc’s functions could not take off in time and the delays discouraged clients. Confidence and surety are vital to earn respects among subjects. Abraham Vent lacked the above vital virtues and the subjects resorted to misbehavior due to lack of leadership. Vent had to do a consultancy on key skills required by him. James Seagul on his part negated the growth of his lead company through unnecessary pride. He could not lend an ear to any of their juniors. It is these lower-level employees who possess vital information for growth. Read More
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Leadership and Non-Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 516 words - 1. Retrieved from
(Leadership and Non-Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 516 Words - 1)
Leadership and Non-Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 516 Words - 1.
“Leadership and Non-Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 516 Words - 1”, n.d.
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