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The Function of the HR Manager at Manchester1 - Essay Example

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This report "The Function of the HR Manager at Manchester1" discusses the function of the HR manager at Manchester1that is a medium sized venue that where small comedy events are arranged and gigs are offered. The seating capacity of the venue is 2600 and for the standing people is 3600. There are permanent staff members in the company as well as staff members with 0-hour contracts…
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The Function of the HR Manager at Manchester1
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Download file to see previous pages The functions of HRM discussed in the paper include HR planning, recruitment and selection, contracts, employee relations, grievance and discipline, and volunteer management.
Since Manchester1 arranges small comedy events, the main clients of the company would be from the media. The company needs to start booking the local acts that can be featured (Drew). The company might have to build relationships with the booking agencies with the growth of the business to attract better comedians so that the workload can be reduced.
Manchester1 recruits in two fundamental ways; online advertisement and with the help of the employment agencies. The company has its own personal website where it advertises the vacancies in the “jobs at Manchester1” section. In addition to that, understanding the power and usability of the social networking websites for the purpose of advertisement, the company advertises vacancies on Facebook. Facebook is being increasingly used by companies for advertising all over the world and “social ads” are considered as advertising’s future (Pickering). The company also has its personal profile on Facebook where it shares the information regarding the vacancies. HRM at Manchester1 also lists the criteria of eligibility for the interested candidates in each of these mediums to ensure that only the possibly qualifying people send their CVs and the HRM has a lesser load of applications to deal with. In addition, HRM at Manchester1 also render the services of the employment agencies especially when they have to recruit the employees on an immediate basis. Candidates for interview are short-listed after a thorough review of their individualistic talents, achievements, and competences, and the short-listed candidates are called upon for a structured interview. The selected candidates are recommended to the top management which after a second interview, selects the employees.
At Manchester1, the selected employees are first offered a place at the company temporarily during which, no written contract is made between the employee and the company.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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