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Apple_Inc_Week_3 - Thesis Example

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Even on their job boards, Apple reflects a persona which encourages professionals that are risk-driven and creative. Careful analysis of Apples market evaluation and available literature…
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Extract of sample "Apple_Inc_Week_3"

running head: Apples Values And Strategies To Motivate Employees Apple Inc_Week_3 Ronnie Brickey WIU MGT-440 Lawrence, Doreen December 23, Contents
Employees Personality at Apple Inc. 3
Values at Apple Inc. 3
Intrinsic Vs. Extrinsic Motivation 4
Goals, Culture & Motivation 4
Attribution Theory, Perception & Judgment 4
Decision Making & Creativity 5
References 6
Employees Personality at Apple Inc.
Apple has fostered an environment that is highly competitive and specialization-oriented. Even on their job boards, Apple reflects a persona which encourages professionals that are risk-driven and creative. Careful analysis of Apples market evaluation and available literature reveals that it promotes recruiting potential leaders and develop them to fit Apples employee profile. Risk taking, innovation and creativity are the key areas that are emphasized on during recruitment and selection processes. Detail-orientation, creativity and aspiration for simple yet inspiring inventions are the key personality traits that every Apple employee possess.
Values at Apple Inc.
Apple has a set of values that it has fostered in its culture and employees personalities through aggressive training. Some of these values include empathy for users, aggressiveness, achievement, positive social contribution, innovation/vision, individual performance, team spirit, quality/excellence, individual reward and good management. These values appears to be ideological and achievement driven, Apples training manual further reinforces these values. The training manual includes programs like Component Isolation, The Power Of Empathy, Using Diagnostic Services etc. All these trainings methodologies promote Apples values and persuade the employees to act compassionately, be customer-oriented and stay fearless about the feedback (Duerson, 2012; Biddle, 2012). Apples long standing slogan of Think Different pushes its practices, offering and employees to be different, emphasizing on inventive and innovative ways.
Intrinsic Vs. Extrinsic Motivation
When it comes to motivation, Apple has successfully managed to attract and retain potential talent with the help of its intrinsic motivational techniques. Apple provides remuneration that is slightly higher than the average market remuneration package. Its mainly competitive environment and opportunity to progress that motivates employees to perform well in their respective jobs. Apple mainly recruits employees with flair for innovation and challenge. These personality traits comply well with the organizational culture of Apple.
Goals, Culture & Motivation
Apple has a culture that fosters competitiveness, innovation, creativity and ownership. This culture is a resultant of Apples ideology introduced by its leadership. It has managed to devise a working environment that allows employees to operate more independently. Other than on-site jobs through which employees are assigned with goals aligned with their job description with complete ownership, off-site jobs facilitate ownership and independence along with complete responsibility for the jobs assigned. Other than this flexible yet goal driven working environment, non-monetary benefits like flexible spending accounts, accommodation for disabled, employee commuter programs and employee stock purchase program also play role in employees motivation (Apple, 2012).
Attribution Theory, Perception & Judgment
Attribution theory is concerned with how individuals interpret events and how this relates to their thinking and behavior. Attribution theory assumes that people try to determine why people do what they do (Aronson, 2003). In the light of this theory, one can analyze that Apple has a competitive, innovation-driven and creative environment and employees view their success when it is aligned with overall organizational culture and objectives. The expectations of leadership and their criteria for judging employees performance modifies employees perception about themselves and their performance. Hence, it is Apples overall culture that drives their leaderships judgment and employees perception about themselves, their co-workers and performance.
Decision Making & Creativity
Like stated earlier, Apple has managed to make its employees liable for their own performance while providing them complete autonomy at job. Through this work model, employees are encouraged to make their own decisions and be their own leader. On the other hand, creativity is the cornerstone of Apples philosophy. Other than a vast product line bearing impeccable designs, Apples culture, workplace, practices and policies reflect importance of depicting creativity while working with and at Apple. Simple example is Apples career portal which states Creativity from every corner on the main webpage (Apple, 2012).
Apple Inc. (2012), Jobs at Apple, Retrieved 16 December 2012 from
Aronson, E., Wilson, T.D. & Akert, R.M. (2003). Social Psychology. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
Biddle, S. (2012), How To Be a Genius: This Is Apple’s Secret Employee Training Manual, Retrieved 23 December 2012 from
Duerson, M.H. (2012), The Making Of An Apple ‘Genius’: Secret Training Manual Reveals Tech Company’s Sales And Service Techniques, Retrieved 23 December 2012 from Read More
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