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Discrimination in the Workplace - Essay Example

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This essay focuses on discrimination in the workplace which is one of the workplace complex issues that workers still face in their working environments. Discrimination in terms of employment and career, take various forms and occur in all kinds of workplace settings…
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Discrimination in the Workplace
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Extract of sample "Discrimination in the Workplace"

Discrimination in the Workplace
Discrimination is one of the work place complex issues that workers still face in their working environments. Discrimination in terms of employment and career, take various forms and occur in all kinds of workplace settings. Discrimination involves treating workers differently due to their particular traits that includes their race, sex and skin color among others. This therefore, results in impairment of parity as it pertains opportunities and treatment of the workers. Discrimination at workplace result into the reinforcement of inequalities. The sovereignty of workers to develop their individual abilities, choose and chase their proficient aspirations gets restricted by the aspect of discrimination. Individuals skills and aptitudes can never be established, the rewards at workplace are always denied, paving way to humiliation, disappointments and the aspect of powerlessness (Benjamin).
At a personal level, I had the chance to witness high levels of discrimination at my work place. The law gives protection to workers against the act of discrimination be it in terms of dismissal, remuneration, recruitment promotions and transfers among other aspects. Violation of these regulations, by companies have resulted in huge costs impacted by law firms. The financial implications of discrimination at work place normally go beyond the cash liabilities (Benjamin). The discrimination I faced in my company had great impacts at the individual, organizational, and global level, which affected the productivity of the workforce, the company's ability to keep and recruit workers. The company developed the habit of favoring one gender and looking down upon the other. The male gender was regarded as competent compared to my female gender. Concepts that aligned with discrimination included, reduced job satisfaction and motivation, tarnished name of the company, and reduced loyalty accompanied with an increased turnover levels (Benjamin).
Jobs satisfaction and motivation concept
Discrimination practices by the top management resulted into negative implications on my job satisfaction and motivation at an individual ground. I was a victim of demotion in the company due to the fact that I was a lady. I became demoralized at work and I lacked the zeal of being among the productive employees. The discrimination subject affected nearly all the ladies in the organization resulting into tainting of the company’s reputation at a global level. Promotion and company additional benefits are supposed to be awarded to all workers equally, basing on their individual qualifications and performance at work. In the case where an employee witnesses promotions being awarded on the basis of gender or race, his or her personal drive to perform in the company becomes negatively affected (Benjamin).
Company’s Repute Concept
The act of discrimination holds a negative effect on the company's repute within the population it serves. The act of discrimination in my company resulted in causing an indirect impact on some female customers, making inferior products or service deliveries to them, having the concept that ladies do not deserve the best as the male gender does. Due to the above conduct, the male gender was also faced with various rejections in the community due to their behavior of looking down on women, which resulted into developing disrespect on women both within and outside the company. The numerous discrimination practices linked with my organization made international job seekers especially the female gender, to have chilling effects while seeking for employment in the company. The discrimination tendencies resulted to the top candidate resigning to search for jobs in other favorable places, which had a great impact on the progress of the company (Benjamin).
Loyalty and Turnover concept
Loss in the company loyalty and increased turnover, are among the concepts that are linked to discrimination incidences. Discrimination in my organization resulted into the company's employees developing the need to leave the company, escalating the company’s turnover levels. The high levels of dissatisfaction by the female gender resulted in the organization loosing incredibly skilled and competent workforce leaving a direct negative impact on the company. The element of recruiting other workers in the organization, became extremely costly to my organization, which highly affected the company's levels of productivity. Lack of confidence from our international customers, reduced their allegiance to invest with us. The issue of discrimination made the majority of the workers to be less invested in their specific jobs, reducing their job commitments and loyalty to the company too (Benjamin).
Works cited
Benjamin,Tia. The Ways Discrimination Negatively Affects Business. Small Business Chron. 2012.Web.2012, December,11 Read More
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Discrimination in the Workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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