Pregnancy Discrimination in The Workplace - Case Study: Michele C Krause V UPS Supply chain Solutions - Essay Example

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Discrimination of pregnant woman in the workplace and the legal implications against such conducts can be better illustrated with reference to the case scenario of Michele C Krause v UPS Supply Chain Solutions (U.S. District Court Massachusetts, 2009). …
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Pregnancy Discrimination in The Workplace - Case Study: Michele C Krause V UPS Supply chain Solutions
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Download file to see previous pages The issue of the case scenario exhibits a violation of legal rules as mentioned under the Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act, the Plaintiff being Michele C. Krause and the Defendant being the Ups Supply Chain Solutions (U.S. District Court Massachusetts, 2009).
With reference to the case scenario the ruling statement was made in favor of the Plaintiff. It was ascertained, as per the court’s decisions, that Plaintiff’s termination was without a good cause and she is liable to recover commissions under the covenant of ‘good faith and fair dealing’ (U.S. District Court Massachusetts, 2009).
The facts in the case reveal that Krause was hired by UPS in 2003 as the director of sales. She took a medical leave in 2005 for in vitro fertilization and consequently, became pregnant. She informed the management about her pregnancy, upon which, Steve Coser, the sales manager made critical comments about her. Furthermore, the Plaintiff’s pregnancy involved major health risks, which according to her physician, made the Plaintiff unfit to perform her regular office responsibilities, duly informed to the management. However, the case facts revealed that the Plaintiff was forced to participate in a conference call, while enduring immense contraction. Moreover, the Plaintiff further revealed that she was approved with a maternity leave of sixteen weeks, but had to return within eleven weeks due to immense pressure from the management. The Plaintiff further claimed that her manager had tried to sexually harass her during a visit to a client in Kentucky. Consequently, in 2006, the management of UPS terminated the Plaintiff on the grounds of ‘Business Decisions’, which was not related to gender and pregnancy and was also alleged to lack proper legitimate grounds. Subsequently, the plaintiff claimed for court ruling through a summary judgment, which was further governed owing to the absence of ‘a material fact’ [Calero-Cerezo v. U.S. Dep’t of Justice, 355 F.3d 6, 19] (U.S. District Court Massachusetts, 2009). Analysis In correspondence with the Maternity Leave Act under the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination (MCAD), the provisions state about the detailed legal restrictions of sex discrimination issues within workplace [Bergin v. Dartmouth Pharm. Inc., 326 F. Supp. 2d 179, 183]. In this context, the legal implications state that any action of the employers, which negatively affect the employee in the course of her pregnancy and requirements related to maternity leave, will positively amount to the Sex ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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