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Delivering Benefits - Essay Example

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However, rising costs posses a major challenge to many organizations as having been seen during the recent financial meltdown. This…
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Extract of sample "Delivering Benefits"

Delivering Benefits Why are having multiple health-care plans important for FedEx in slowing down increases in the cost of benefits?
The provision of the health-insurance plan is important to any organization as far as employee retention is concerned (Robert and Jackson 21). However, rising costs posses a major challenge to many organizations as having been seen during the recent financial meltdown. This calls for proper measures and strategies that can help reduce health-insurance cost in an organization. Multiple health care plans has emerged as one of the best means of cutting down the cost of benefits as having been seen with FedEx, which provides multiple health care plans to its employees. Having multiple health-care plans is important for FedEx in slowing down increases in the cost of benefits in the following ways:
Firstly, having the wellness center within the facilities where FedEx employees are trained and advised will enable the company reduce health-insurance costs significantly because the programs help in instilling greater health awareness among its employees. Secondly, we are told the FedEx have a disease management preprogram that provide health care advice to employee suffering from diseases such as arthritis, asthma, and diabetes. This program certainly enables employees understand their health condition and how to manage the diseases thereby reducing unnecessary expenses that would have otherwise been spent on health care service. Thirdly, the nurses’ telephone hotline available for employees who want to seek health care advice on minor illnesses is also important as far as reducing the cost of benefits is concerned. This is because the hotlines enables employees to get quick heath care services from professionally trained nurses thereby reducing the expenses that would be spent if the services were not provided in time (Robert and Jackson 24). This, in turn, reduces the health care cost of benefits to FedEx.
2. Discuss how the availability of disease management programs, training programs, and a nursing hotline might help with health benefits costs.
Disease Management Programs
Disease management might help a lot with health benefit cost in a number of ways. Firstly, the objective of the program is to minimize the effects of diseases such as arthritis, asthma, and diabetes through screening and preventive care. This is because these diseases are deadly and are likely to burden an organization financially if an employee is left to seek treatment services from the hospital. As such, having the disease management programs within the company will help employees with such illnesses better manage and treat the diseases in time. This reduces the costs that would have otherwise been spent if a patient were left to seek medication from hospitals (Robert and Jackson 26).
Training programs
Training programs such as the wellness programs set by FedEx in the company is vital as it has the potential of reducing health benefit cost significantly. This is because the programs instill more health awareness among employees by advising them to take care of themselves as they work to minimize injuries that might prove costly to the company. The gyms also make employees fit thereby reducing chances of getting sick. Doing so will certainly reduce insurance payments for employees (Robert and Jackson 26).
Nursing Hotline
Research indicates that unnecessary employee visits to urgent care centers and emergency rooms is expensive to most employers. In this regard, having a nurse hotline where the employees with minor health problems can ask questions is very important and can help reduce health benefit costs significantly. This is because the nurses will be able to advice the employees accordingly on what they need to do or if they need to be attended. This reduces the financial burden that would have otherwise been used for treatment (Robert and Jackson 26).
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Delivering Benefits Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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