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Shannon McDonald, Frank Davis and Thomas Green - Case Study Example

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This paper stresses that the aspect of office politics mostly occur due to the disagreements amid employees working in distinct hierarchical positions due to their differing opinions, ideas, and personalities which often result in severe conflicts within the workplace…
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Shannon McDonald, Frank Davis and Thomas Green
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Extract of sample "Shannon McDonald, Frank Davis and Thomas Green"

Download file to see previous pages As the paper outlines, the immense rise of office politics usually means that the working personnel of a business organization will be frightened to bring up innovative ideas or debatable issues encouraging development amid the workforce. However, the issue of office politics can be diminished through powerful leadership and open communication within the business organization by a certain level. The discussion in this paper will focus on analyzing a case study based on the impacts caused by office politics involving three individuals, namely the CEO of Dynamic Displays, i.e. Shannon McDonald, Frank Davis, the Marketing Director of the organization and Thomas Green, the recently promoted Senior Market Specialist. It was in the year 1990 when Dynamic Displays was established in Boston as a supplier of self-service options to the banks through the application of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). The business of the Dynamic Displays performed well and soon it launched a new business section aiming at the travel as well as hospitality industry in the year 1994. Later, by the year 2007, the market share of this particular business segment increased considerably to 60% along with possessing more than 1500 self-service kiosks in execution at over 75 airports. This particular case study is about a 28-year-old person named Thomas Green who was recruited as an Account Executive in Dynamic Displays and was later promoted to the post of Senior Marketing Specialist of the company in order to effectively manage its expansion in the Travel and Hospitality Division. Even though his promotion was based on his performances and personal traits, Thomas had to face a few problems in terms of office politics with his superior, Mr. Frank Davis. Frank Davis has been associated with the organization since the year 1990 in the position of the Marketing Director for the Travel and Hospitality Division. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Shannon McDonald, Frank Davis and Thomas Green Case Study.
“Shannon McDonald, Frank Davis and Thomas Green Case Study”, n.d.
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