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Independence, Ambition, and Reliability at Workplace - Assignment Example

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The paper "Independence, Ambition, and Reliability at Workplace" highlights that some of the author's values that drive his performance are ambition and competence. His ambition is evident through his hard work as he always strives to meet his goals…
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Independence, Ambition, and Reliability at Workplace
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Extract of sample "Independence, Ambition, and Reliability at Workplace"

Question 1
My change in perspective has positively influenced my success in diversified fields. It has principally empowered me to interact with my environment towards informed decisions and to influence my environments, both internal and external, for a successful implementation of my decision. My style and behavior have also changed alongside my level of accomplishments.
Question 2
The paradigm, “I’ll believe it when I see it” is a passive approach to interacting with a person’s environment. It limits a person to what the environment offers rather than an interaction with the environment to make impacts. “I’ll see it when I believe it” is, however, a proactive approach of an explorative mind that develops and implements ideas in an environment.
Question 3
Examples of differences in expectations across generations in the workplace relate to working conditions and returns from work. The baby boomers expect an enjoyable work experience while the x and y generations expect challenges and utility respectively. The generations’ different expectations are determined by their values. While the baby boomers appreciate a demanding working environment in terms of quantity and quality of work, the X generation anticipates the elimination of work while the y generation expects to multitask to meet targets, values that determine the generations’ behavior and attitude towards work. I like working with the baby boomers since they are dedicated to working and delivers quality (Haynes and Nunningham, 2012). Read More
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