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Health and Wellness Tourism: Spas and Hot Springs - Assignment Example

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A paper "Health and Wellness Tourism: Spas and Hot Springs" reports that assessing it in line with my expectations and developing a ranking system for the service. The aim of the report is to produce a detailed practical criterion for evaluation of the hot stone massage service…
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Health and Wellness Tourism: Spas and Hot Springs
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Extract of sample "Health and Wellness Tourism: Spas and Hot Springs"

Download file to see previous pages The aim of the report is to produce a detailed practical criterion for evaluation of the hot stone massage service. An effective evaluation and assessment of hospitality organizations’ operations, from both an internal and external perspective are critical for efficient hospitality management. Internally, the evaluation can make a significant difference in how well an organization performs by helping managers to make sound decisions and reap more benefits for its stakeholders (Negi, & Manoher, 2009).  On the external front, a good assessment can aid in the diagnosis of programmatic or operating problems that have been identified but that cannot be totally resolved through the findings of the internal evaluation. The theories learnt in the classroom enable one to attain a better understanding of the expectations required for effective running and maintenance of a business’ operations. I conducted an online research on the business’ website before my visit to the spa to have a rough idea about the services offered and the quality of the service to customers. According to the business website, Alysium Day Spa is a luxurious haven that derives its inspiration from ancient Greek mythology that refers to Elysium as a place where the gods go to rest. The business boasts of having skilled therapists with a capacity to provide a comprehensive health and wellness care surrounding that incorporates conventional and holistic methods with a classic sensorial experience. My expectation of the service in line with my research was that it was of quality standard and enjoyable. This meant that a clean, revitalizing, rejuvenating, memorable service and most importantly high-level staff and guests interactions. Functional performance: due to its rating as a 5-star day spa, my level of expectations for the spas functional performance was very high. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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