The Health and Wellness Industry is Being Proclaimed as a Revolution in Consumer Demand and Potentially Worth Trillions of Dolla - Essay Example

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Hype or Reality: The Health and Wellness Industry Is Being Proclaimed As A Revolution in Consumer Demand and Potentially Worth Trillions of Dollars By [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] 2689 Words [Date] Introduction Recent times have experienced a record increase in the number of resorts, spas, and hotels offering luxurious surroundings of natural beauty, which provide advanced health and education facilities, lifestyle training, and myriad other opportunities to enhance consumers’ health and wellness…
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The Health and Wellness Industry is Being Proclaimed as a Revolution in Consumer Demand and Potentially Worth Trillions of Dolla
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Download file to see previous pages To satisfy the demand and expectations of these health-conscious consumers further, the tourism industry is awash with resorts, spas, and hotels, which offer superior consumer services such as comprehensive spa, bodywork treatments, indoor/outdoor physical activity, delicious and health-conscious cuisine, interactive health, and wellness education programs assisted by world-class professionals. Moreover, the increased demand for a relaxing and freshening environment has prompted many a resort to be established in serene and gentle surroundings with clean and lapping river/swamp waters, breathtaking sceneries, and fresh forest air, all of which combine to create a powerful wellness and health experience for consumers (Bookman & Bookman, 2007). The rising demand for wellness and health products has also implied that resort and hotel managements provide services that empower consumers to change their lifestyles for the better, thus bringing out the best out of their body’s natural beauty, healing abilities, longevity, and wellbeing (Ginger, 2009). Importantly, products that bring about healing from illnesses and learning skills to consumers have been incorporated in resort and hotel wellness and health programs as their demand continues to increase. This paper explores the impacts that the rising demand of wellness and health products by consumers has on hotel and resort management. The Impacts of Increasing Wellness/Health Demand on Resorts The increasing health and wellness consciousness among consumers is one of the major factors that have set the international industry/trend that is health and wellness tourism (Reisinger, 2009). Most of these health-conscious consumers seek to improve their health and well being as they travel to various destinations and sample various hospitality treats and experiences. They do not only set out to feel better but also to look better, in the process enjoying effects such as slowed aging, reduced discomfort, lower stress levels, and relieved pain. In addition, these health- and wellness-conscious consumers have the privilege of partaking in the consumption of natural supplements such as minerals and vitamins, which further improve their health. With the number of health-conscious consumers on a rapid increase, the number of resorts and hotels joining the health and wellness industry has steadily risen in recent times. However, only a few have managed to cover the entire scope of services and goods currently demanded by wellness and health consumers (Lagace, 2008). That is, some resorts and hotels have not been in a position to offer the range of health and wellness services and goods offered by spas. Nonetheless, a good number of resorts and day spas are now offering a variety of health and wellness services and have added more health and wellness programming options in their services. It is important at this point to distinguish between wellness and health since the two products have quite different meanings and applications. While health tourism refers to the services designed for tourists or clients with medical conditions and requires the experiences of these healing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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