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Travel and Tourism - Coursework Example

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Tourism in the United Kingdom was centered on the idea of wellness, distressing and wholesome treatment and therapies. The United Kingdom tremendously much appreciated and understood the curative value of mineral water and…
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Travel and Tourism
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Extract of sample "Travel and Tourism"

Travel and Tourism Development of UK spas The spa is associated with treatment of water. Tourism in the United Kingdom was centered on the idea of wellness, distressing and wholesome treatment and therapies. The United Kingdom tremendously much appreciated and understood the curative value of mineral water and springs, and this became popular among the residents for pleasure and for those who were invalids. In the 17th century, spa towns and cities developed as a result of the hot springs that were believed to be mineral waters that were medicinal in nature. These cities rapidly grew into urban societies. Among the cities that developed include; Bath, Buxton, Harrogate and Cheltenham. These cities were the most admired in the early 18th century (Cockrell and Trew, 2003, p. 25)
Bath as a city was the representative city with a striking social and urban development of hot springs in England. Bath now had become famous and had developed from a small spa provincially to the most adorable place, outside London. The spa was famous for its healing powers. Bath became a valley of treasure to most people. People from different societies came to drink waters and enjoy the unique society, shop and even gamble (Billy, 1967, p. 45).
While there was beneficial and healing properties of the waters of bathe. People did not mind about the modesty and decency depicted by the use of the waters. Individuals of both sexes male and female always bath by day and were naked. In the early 18th century, new private baths were built to cater for this situation. There was now a portion of the female and another one for males, and they no longer had to bath together. There was also the development of the National Health Service which was responsible in providing water treatments on prescription (oppapers, 2012, p.2)
According to Chandra, (2009, p. 12) in 19th century seaside resorts had developed and had overtaken the most admired spots to visit. These resorts offered attractions that reflected the fitness obsessions and spiritual fulfillment of different individuals in the society. Most resorts had a theme running from religious virtues to retreats that were meditative. The seashore was also a relief to the invalid, but mostly it was used for recreational purposes. The earliest visitors could drink and not bathe in the water. Some small fishing resorts also developed in England as a result of those visitors who sunk themselves deeply into the sea water (Altman, 1945, p. 12).
The sea side resorts became popular and gradually became the social meeting points. The number of spas operating in the United Kingdom reduced through the 20th century from 200 to 60 in the year 1920 and further to 10 in the year 1946. Waters from England’s best known city of bath was closed from public use in 1978. This was because there was death of a young girl as a result of a rare strain of meningitis bacteria. It was believed that the natural bacteria found in the earth strata found its way in the water that passed through the strata (Cleveland, 1975, p.23).
Private sectors started to develop in England and they began setting up health clubs and farms. A health club called champeys was opened in 1925. Their need to attract tourists was limited because of the high costs they incurred. The most popular health and fitness programs were the sports and exercise programs. Beauty treatments were also established, but they followed another separate route (Karen, 1999, p.55). However, the closure of the bath as a spa facility did not discourage the country from reviving it. This led to the development of thermae bath which catered for the demand of spa facilities. Thermae bath is the historic spa and the modern one working together in the Bath city. It was reopened in 2006. Thermae Bath is a perfect way of relaxing after sightseeing, attending conferences or shopping in one of bath’s venues and hotels. Thermae bath uses natural hot water that is mineral in nature to retain one feature that the bath city was famous for worldwide. Bathing in these waters has given residents and visitors a pleasing experience in the United Kingdom and Bath city. People will once more have a spa in reality (Buchman, 2001, p.3).
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