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Human resource planningorganisational culture - Essay Example

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Hunts Transport is a Surrey based logistics and transport company that provides same day courier and delivery services. Hunts Transport also has specialised…
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Human resource planningorganisational culture
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Extract of sample "Human resource planningorganisational culture"

Download file to see previous pages In this paper, the researcher undertakes field work on the important elements and aspects of the human resource management unit of Hunts Transport. This research includes an exegesis on the human resource management elements of the company. In doing this, the following objectives are explored:
In doing this research, the writer undertook a detailed fieldwork on the important elements and factors of the company. This was done through various methods of taking information on important components of the company through direct enquiry to attain primary data for the paper. The paper also involved a critical analysis of the findings in relation to important facts and figures that relate to human resource management. This is used to interpret the data and provide a detailed analysis of the way things are done in the company. From the analysis, conclusions and inferences are draw.
Data is acquired through the collection of information and important elements and aspects that relate to the company. This is done in three parts. The first part involves a structured interview with the HR manager of Hunts Transport. The interview include an acquisition of information relating to important aspects of the company that define the human resource unit of Hunts Transport and its relation to other components of the business like the strategic plan of the company.
These findings are subjected to further scrutiny in the second part which involves questionnaires that would be sent to a large percentage of the people in the company. This will be questions that would inquire about important elements and aspects of the application of the HR systems and how they relate to these individual members of the organisation.
Finally, the research would involve a focus group interview that would take cross-sectional information about participants chosen from different units of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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