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Thunderbird College on global mindset - Assignment Example

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The essay will begin with a brief background study of Thunderbird College and then analyze the college’s global mindset.
The official launch of Thunderbird College was in 1946 and…
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Extract of sample "Thunderbird College on global mindset"

Thunderbird College on Global Mindset of the of the Introduction This present essay is on Thunderbird College and it focuses on the college’s global mindset. The essay will begin with a brief background study of Thunderbird College and then analyze the college’s global mindset.
Thunderbird College
The official launch of Thunderbird College was in 1946 and up to date it has grown to become a renowned institution that specializes in the field of global management. The institution offers not only degree programs but also corporate solutions to organization as well as individuals and professional development opportunities.
Thunderbird College on global mindset
According to Naylor (1986), Thunderbird has a unique advantage over other institutions since it focuses on producing global business leaders who can successfully manage business organizations within the global market. In addition, Lovett (1971) states that the corporate solutions and professional development opportunities that the college offers aim at facilitating the organizations and individuals with basic skill sets to thrive in the global business market.
In reference to the writings by Deresky (2010), Thunderbird’s first position in the international business education sector is because of its focus on a niche that not many learning institutions have exploited, thus, enabling Thunderbird to gain a competitive advantage within the industry.
Through the global mindset, Thunderbird graduates learn about business management from the global perspective and this involves learning on how to work and manage a multicultural or multinational organizations. Secondly, graduates as well as organizations learn about international accounting standards and business ethics that applicable in the international business arena. According to Hill (2010), the graduates of Thunderbird have competitive advantage in the labour market since they have skills and competency to work anywhere in the world and in all multicultural organizations.
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