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Teams - Research Paper Example

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The focus of such organizations is managing individual performance. On the contrary, team-based organization is designed to…
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Extract of sample "Teams"

1. Evaluate the effectiveness of team-based organizations versus organizations that focus on individual talents. Traditional organizations are ones where information and directives flow downwards through various levels of management (O’Connor & Netting, 2009). The focus of such organizations is managing individual performance. On the contrary, team-based organization is designed to support the logic of teams. It is the most popular structure in organization because it is usually more flexible and responsive. A cross-functional team structure improves communication and co-operation across the organization. It involves all the employees to participate in decision-making process. They are rewarded for mastering a variety of skills needed to meet team performance goals.
2. Determine whether a leader that is not a team player can be effective. Justify your answer.
To lead effective teams, leaders must understand successful elements of a good team because leader can effectively teach only what they consistently model. Leader’s action, behaviors and decisions have direct impact on team members. A leader having knowledge on team processes and dynamics is the key to having an effective team based organization (Lussier & Achua, 2009). A strong leader has all the qualities of effective team player. A team player is usually a contributor to overall success of a group-work, whereas a leader is a key influencer of the overall success and agenda for the group. A leader sets an example for team members. A leader is not only responsible for his/her actions but also for entire team.
3. Assess the leader-member exchange model. Do you agree or disagree with this concept? Defend your position.
The Leader Exchange Model or Vertical Dyad Linkage Theory discover how leaders and managers develop relationship with their team members and explains how those relationships can contribute to growth. The theory states that all relationship between managers and subordinates go through three stages: Role-Taking, Role-Making and Routinization (Griffin & Moorhead, 2011). Role-taking occurs when team member joins group and manager evaluate member’s skills. In Role-Making, new member start working on project and manager expect new member will work hard and prove trust-worthy. During this phase, group members are divided into two groups: In-Group and Out-Group. In-Group team member receive more attention and support, and more opportunities from their managers whereas in Out-Group, members get very less consideration and opportunities. In Routinization, routines between team members and managers are established.
The limitation of Leader-Member Exchange Theory is that it assumes all team members are equally trustworthy. Although we may like to think that everyone is honest, but reality is different! Managers need to get the best possible outcome, that is, allocating right people in right places, and develop and reinforce success. Hence, this model can be used to identify and validate any perceptions that managers might have with people in the team.
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