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Develop a Mission Statement - Assignment Example

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A mission statement is the basic roadmap that spells out the overall business strategy and intent that should govern the organizational goals and objectives. It describes what the company does, why it exists and how it will achieve its goals (Hill, Jones and Jones, 2009, p. 14)…
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Develop a Mission Statement
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MISSION MENT Mission ment for Hilton Worldwide ………………………….. College ……………………………… ……………….. Mission ment
A mission statement is the basic roadmap that spells out the overall business strategy and intent that should govern the organizational goals and objectives. It describes what the company does, why it exists and how it will achieve its goals (Hill, Jones and Jones, 2009, p. 14). This paper develops a mission statement for Hilton Worldwide, the fourth largest hotel chains worldwide, and describes how this mission statement fulfills basic requirements of a mission statement.
Mission statement of Hilton Worldwide for 2015

The mission statement of Hilton Worldwide for 2015 is ‘Hilton helps people entertain with technology and nature to rejoice evermore’. This 11-words mission statement provides a succinct description about its mission that it proposes for 2015. As Blythe, Zimmerman and Zimmerman (2005, p. 34) pointed, a mission statement gives clear expression to what is to be achieved by the company, in what manner it will be achieved and why this is worth achieving.
Hilton’s Mission for 2015
Hilton is currently the fourth largest hotel chain just behind intercontinental Wyndham and Marriot international. Hilton plans to beat its competitors by 2015 with its new mission to reach wider population by helping its customers entertain to rejoice evermore. For this target to be accomplished, the company would thrive on innovation and invest extensively on technology to bring latest technology advantages to hospitality arrangements. Though ‘technology’ brings everything customers want, still people are always very likely to entertain with ‘nature’. In order to satisfy customers who are concerned about nature as well, Hilton proposes to align technology to nature, and facilitate traditional natural amusements and leisure parks with any latest and highly sophisticated technology advances that Hilton can reach at.
As its mission illustrates, Hilton ultimately looks at customers to fulfill meeting of varying requirements of customers in regard to entertainment with technology and natural advantages and thus to seize this opportunity for long-term profitability of the firm. ‘Technology’ mentioned in the mission statement certainly reflects the strengths of the company in relation to its extensive investment in research and development and innovative projects. It will keep on trying to change its business strategy and techniques by adding latest technology to its marketing opportunities.
The statement is motivating to it stakeholders because it clearly defines its potential strengths and ways that it can grab marketing opportunities for leisure, entertainment and hospitality industries. It is also motivating its customers since it can attract people for the offer and responsibility of the company for unique entertainment experience. The statement is not only clear, precise and easily understood, but also realistic in the sense that it is not too narrow or too broad.

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