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Review - Chapter 5 Ethics - Article Example

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Throughout her past career she has conducted many interviews of important political persons as well as introduces many religious and cultural programs. She has taken part in…
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Article Review - Chapter 5 Ethics
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Extract of sample "Review - Chapter 5 Ethics"

Article Review - Chapter 5 Ethics of Article Review - Chapter 5 Ethics Introduction Ms Samar Fatany, of this article, works as a main radio broadcaster as well as a great author. Throughout her past career she has conducted many interviews of important political persons as well as introduces many religious and cultural programs. She has taken part in the media reporting of many international and local conferences.
In this article Ms Fatany presented the perspective of the peoples living in the Saudi Arabia over the unethical practices which plagued their society. In addition to this she showed some of the steps that King Abdullah and government to stop unethical practices (Fatany, n.d.). She gave few suggestions to overcome such practices in business and other organizations as well.
Summary of the Article
Ms Fatany described some of the King Abdullah’s steps to stop corrupt practices. She also documented the measures of King Abdullah when floods hit Jeddah (Fatany, n.d.). According to her, despite that Saudi government signed many agreements to tackle corruption but without the participation of peoples these reforms cannot be fruitful. Later on she presented some of the ideas in order to overcome corruption and the ways through which ethical practices can be introduced in different organizations. She also documented benefits of ethical practices and believed that integrating ethical practices in business would increase the productivity. She said in order to create healthy environment, it is necessary to disclose corrupt doings and embrace those involved in such practices (Fatany, n.d.).
She believed that cooperation of all governmental departments is necessary to carry out serious improvements. She note did that in today’s world concentrates more on discipline, ethical legislation, judicial accountability and judicial transparence (Fatany, n.d.).
Though Ms Fanaty presented good research work on the importance of ethical practices but she didn’t present any example of which shows the improvement the organization through ethical doings. Therefore this shows lack of support to her ideas.
Fatany, S., (n.d.). ISO and business ethics. Saudi Gazette. Retrieved from Read More
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