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The Management Roles of a Principal - Essay Example

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This essay declares that principals are responsible for developing the master schedule of the school, thinking not of the preferences of the teachers, but for the sake of the needs of the students. It is made in the late Spring and to be completed depending on the schools…
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The Management Roles of a Principal
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Extract of sample "The Management Roles of a Principal"

Having been working as an administrator in the elementary school for sixteen years, [Name of the Interviewee] considers good communication skills and strong working ethics as the essential leadership skills needed to be a successful principal. In this paper, [he/she] further shares [his/her] experiences in master schedule management, budget management, and facilities management.
Experiences in Master Schedule Management
Principals are responsible for developing the master schedule of the school, thinking not of the preferences of the teachers, but for the sake of the needs of the students. It is made in the late Spring and to be completed depending on the schools. Some campuses complete their schedules by the end of the school year, while others are still making changes up to the week before students arrive in the campus. Labs and specialized courses are primarily prioritized in the making of the schedule, while extracurricular is the least priority. Courses offered once, as well as the availability of teachers, influence the schedule’s development. Together with the principal, the counselor does the actual work, remembers not to schedule courses at the same time, and considers to accommodate the schedule of teachers. In making adjustments, the principal and the counselor make an initial run through to determine arising conflicts. The district provides a computer program called TEAMS to help manage the schedule. The guidance office, as well as the principal, makes the final approval.
Endeavors in Budget Management
Budget management is also part of the role of an administrator. However, the central office is the one responsible in allocating the budget, as well as in providing assistance. In preparing the budget, the goal is to look at the needs of the campus and try not to exceed in its allocation. Budget management process begins towards the end of the year and extends into the Summer months, since the school does not have the actual budget until the start of the next school year. Campuses receive their budget allocations after September 1, which includes general operating funds, special education, title funds, and compensatory education funds, as well as the travel and staff development. The Site Based Decision Making (SBDM) committee, which is composed of teachers, parents, and community leaders, helps the principal in making sure that the whole management process is thoroughly made. Allocating the funds is the last step of the process, and the budget is then finalized before September 1st.
Undertakings in Facilities Management
In managing campus facilities, the goal of the principal is to help maintain the cleanliness of the inside and outside of the facility, as well as to make sure that all major components are operational. One administrator and the head custodians are responsible for reporting all maintenance issues to the appropriate departments for repair. The process of allocating instructional space is made in conjunction with the master schedule; that is why principals are also responsible for allocation of space as part of the facilities management. The role of the administrator is to simply contact the district maintenance supervisor since it is the district employees’ personnel who handle most of the facility issues. In addressing safety issues, it must be reported first to the principal and the head custodian for a decision to be made, whether it has to be handled on campus, or the school has to get the central office to involve. Read More
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(The Management Roles of a Principal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
The Management Roles of a Principal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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