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Preparing Principals for Leadership in Special Education - Essay Example

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An essay "Preparing Principals for Leadership in Special Education" reports that additional, special education leadership comprises of crucial components such as the district education administration, institute of learning, special education teacher and the site principal…
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Preparing Principals for Leadership in Special Education
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Download file to see previous pages Adhering to such components face challenges based on the requirements of the district education standards, demand, and supply of qualified faculties, special education teachers and principals (Palladino 2). Currently, the requirements and demands for qualified individuals for each area are high while the supply for personnel is low. Inadequate personnel to cater for the needs of special education directly influence the achievement of educational success among special needs students. Special education has distinct tendencies including its diverse, complex and unique nature because of the nature of the student it serves. This educational division has roles, responsibilities, and duties that differ from those found in non-special needs educational systems. Additionally, these aspects change rapidly and they follow the trends of changing budgets, policies, systems of accountability and best practices that govern their ability to serve this educational system (Palladino 3). In addition, these individuals face challenges as they strive to address the inadequacies amongst such students. In my opinion, special schooling leadership occurs as a multifaceted enterprise governed by the notions of social justice (Cooner, Tochterman and Garrison-Wade 4).Special education has four interweaving, but distinctive categories that include district leadership, site leadership, higher education leadership and special education teachers (Palladino 2). These components have different and unique roles in administration, education, and preparation of students with these disabilities. However, they are intertwined based on the influences of academic preparation in administration. For instance, district administration influences site administration influencing the retention of the special education teacher. Special education administration has a distinct place especially at crossroads of the discipline of education administration and special. This crossroad resembles the disciplines of general education, special education and education administration. In such an environment, educational leadership plays a crucial role because they typify crucial concepts associated with effective schooling. The principal of an effective educational system must have the leadership capabilities to manage components of special education administration. The school principal should presume liability for the programs within the school especially in a special education context. This means that the principal must manage these programs including special education services to attain the ambitions of the teachers, education program, and student. According to Cooner, Tochterman, and Garrison-Wade (2005), educational leadership is a crucial variable that determines how effective a school runs. Experience is a crucial factor in ensuring effective educational systems and management of the special education program. For instance, a district may replace 60% of its principals leading to inexperienced management of the schools.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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