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Organizing, Decision-Making, Ethics, and the Law in Managemen - Essay Example

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This paper tells that Rick faces himself with a critical dilemma and very limited options. This is a clear example of decision making under stress. The stress is caused by the consequences of the decision Rick makes given that Stan is his boss, which piles pressure on him to make the correct decision…
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Organizing, Decision-Making, Ethics, and the Law in Managemen
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Extract of sample "Organizing, Decision-Making, Ethics, and the Law in Managemen"

 Padding the Expense Account
What would you have done if you were Rick?
Rick faces himself with a critical dilemma and very limited options. This is a clear example of decision making under stress. The stress is caused by the consequences of the decision Rick makes given that Stan is his boss, which piles pressure on him to make the correct decision. The detrimental effect that stress has on decision making is mediated by the impairment of alternative scanning patterns. (Keinan, 1997) This means that stress makes one not adequately search for different courses of action that are available to the individual.
If I were Rick I would have evaluated all possible options that are available to me and try to pick the correct one. Since Stan is my boss, I know whatever he asks me to do should get done. However, in this case, the instructions involve violating ethical standards by including his excess personal expense together with my own monthly expense voucher. Even though there is a rare chance that it could be identified through auditing, it would still be against my personal moral standing. Therefore, I believe the best option would be to decline to do as my boss asks, explain the evident risk of losing my job and hope that it would be reason enough for him to understand my decision.
Do you agree with Mr. House’s response to Rick?
I do agree with Mr. House’s response to Rick. This is because he gave Rick a true picture of what would be the consequences for different courses of action. For one to make a critical decision all possible options must be considered and their pros and cons weighed. The correct decision will be based on the option that has the most pros and the least cons amongst all. Therefore by Mr. House giving Rick the different courses of action available to him and evaluating them one by one, it actually is the best possible way to make a good decision. Mr. House also tells Rick that “… every man at some time has to make a decision that determines his survival among the fittest. This situation could be one of them.” This is in fact a correct statement in all realms of life and I agree with it since the decision that Rick is about to take will definitely be a tough one in all respects. Therefore, that decision will determine the fate of Rick in the company from thereon.
Giora Keinan, (1997). Decision Making Under Stress: Scanning of Alternatives Under Controllable and Uncontrollable Threats. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Tel Aviv. Read More
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