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Ethics and International Politics - 'What, if any role ought scholars and practitioners of international politics envision for morality & justice in the international realm of the political - Essay Example

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However, there are people who think that this principle is not organizing at all, but rather, a disorganizing one. In this case, this principle expresses the way in which the…
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Ethics and International Politics - What, if any role ought scholars and practitioners of international politics envision for morality & justice in the international realm of the political
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Extract of sample "Ethics and International Politics - 'What, if any role ought scholars and practitioners of international politics envision for morality & justice in the international realm of the political"

Download file to see previous pages This, therefore, creates a need for applying ethical theories that can ensure a clear line between practical and moral issues in the international relations scene. As a result, there have to be some individuals such as scholars and practitioners who determine the direction of morality and justice. In this paper, I will examine the roles scholars and practitioners of international politics envision for morality and justice in the international realm of the political.
Morality and justice in the international realm is a responsibility that requires a sense of duty in all the key players. According to Kant (1988), everyone has an obligation to assume the introduction of justice in terms of the arrival of perpetual peace and the ethical commonwealth. Morality can only be ascertained on the grounds that endless development of the capacity of humans to do good is a fact under consideration. All in all, sense of responsibility and duty in all humans are what directs us to assume the development of the world, bearing the concept of justice in mind (Kant, 1988). As such, since justice can be some necessity, then moral actions can no longer be regarded as noble, but rather rational. This is because of the need to act according to the projected development of the world’s gradual just system (Rakic, 2010).
There is a wide distribution of potential in units of the realm, some of which has more potential than others and thus determines the shape of the realm, as well as poses the problems that the not so capable ones have to handle. This position, in one way or the other, creates tragedy between international politics and oligopolistic sectors of a unit’s economy. This is because the major actors with immense potential control the actions of the others with no potential. According to Frost (2003) and Mayall (2003), scholars of politics and international relations need to consider tragedy on a more serious ground than they have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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