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Strategic Management Analysis: Marriott International - Essay Example

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The author of the paper gives a detailed information about Marriott company, makes product life cycle analysis and five forces and BCG Matrix analyses, describes strategic management strategies and market presence, and implications for Marriott International…
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Strategic Management Analysis: Marriott International
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Extract of sample "Strategic Management Analysis: Marriott International"

Download file to see previous pages In 1995, to further diversify the business portfolio, Marriott International acquired a 49 percent stake in the Ritz-Carleton Hotel Company, providing a new brand experience that included upscale lodging properties catering to higher-class consumers. This investment ultimately led to the development of a variety of very profitable timeshare properties, now giving Marriott International an annual profit of approximately 12 billion USD (Marriott International 2011).
The highly-diversified business model that now consists of over 1300 lodging properties is able to build on long-standing brand recognition and brand personality to ensure longevity and gain profitability in a very mature market. In this particular industry, there is a considerable strategic emphasis that must be placed on competitive marketing promotions in order to differentiate the hospitality brand from other food and lodging competitors in multiple international markets. Thus, in order to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of Marriott and also the company’s strategic focus, it is necessary to focus on brand-building and use of brand equity as significant strategic objectives. Marriott operates in highly competitive markets domestically and internationally where the main focus is the establishment of customer relationship management, engaging in activities that retain current customers and improve customer loyalty (Buttle 2005).
It is significantly difficult for Marriott (and competition) to successfully differentiate their hospitality brands in order to maintain a competitive edge and also instill a sense of loyalty in key market segments. The markets in which Marriott operates are saturated with competition, in the United States where smaller and less-expensive competition is ever-present in certain market regions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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