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SMB team on-demand CRM comparison guide by Ziff Davis - Essay Example

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The content of the paper “SMB team on-demand CRM comparison guide by Ziff Davis” is relevant and valuable to author's project that seeks to recommend application of the Customer Relationship Management to Macy’s enterprises…
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SMB team on-demand CRM comparison guide by Ziff Davis
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Extract of sample "SMB team on-demand CRM comparison guide by Ziff Davis"

SMB team on-demand CRM comparison guide by Ziff Davis
Ziff Davis, in his publication, ‘SMB team on-demand CRM comparison guide,’ reports on Customer Relationship Management products, each of the products’ characteristics, applicability, cost, mode of purchase, year in which the product was developed, vendor’s ownership and vendor’s customer base. Unique vendors identify with the products, a feature that identifies a level of specialization in product development. The products can also be applied for single use or for departmental use. Each product also has a different pricing basis that ranges in price, duration of license and number of users per license. The products’ mode of sale, year of development, and ownership are also diversified. They however serve a wide customer base in the global market (Davis, p. 1).
The reported Customer Relationship Management products also have differentiated features. The products’ specifications such as versions are for example distinct for each product. Similarly, the products functions are diversified and include “sales, marketing, service, workflow, system customization, offline synchronization, customer service, reporting and inventory management” functions that are either singly or jointly applicable (Davis, p. 2). The products are also identified with special features that apply to some of the functionalities. Such functions are sales, marketing, and customer care (Davis, p. 2).
The content of the paper is relevant and valuable to my project that seeks to recommend application of Customer Relationship Management to Macy’s enterprises. This is because it identifies features of different Customer Relationship Management products, their functions that identify the products’ benefits, and features of every product towards its functions. It therefore helps with information that supports my project’s recommendation of a specific product to Macy’s Inc.
Works cited
Davis, Ziff. SMB team on-demand CRM comparison guide. Ziff Davis. 2012. Web. October 18, 2012. Read More
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SMB Team on-Demand CRM Comparison Guide by Ziff Davis Essay.
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