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Advantage of the Forced Ranking in the Organization - Essay Example

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This essay "Advantage of the Forced Ranking in the Organization" discusses some very technical ways in which the managers take advantage of the forced ranking i.e. by intentionally keeping low performing workers to fire when needed. The essay considers the strengths and weaknesses of employees…
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Advantage of the Forced Ranking in the Organization
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Extract of sample "Advantage of the Forced Ranking in the Organization"

The management of an organization constantly reviews the performance of all employees whether or not there is a forced ranking mechanism in the organization. Even if employees are not ranked according to their performance, other adjustments like salary and benefits are necessarily made. The only difference is that some organizations strict in this evaluation system to the extent that they do force ranking while others apply other measures.

I personally believe that Salwa’s and Abdullah’s points are more realistic in that they represent the organizational culture and practices of a wide array of organizations. The negative points that Youssef and Andrew have identified are also correct but have lesser applications than the points of Salwa and Abdullah. However, I do agree that forced ranking may lead to employee dissatisfaction since this occurs as a result of an evaluation of the employees’ performance by the management, and the management’s decision can be faulty, but there are ways to improve the evaluation system. A potential way to improve forced ranking and make it more justified is involving a board of managers in the decision-making process rather than giving the entire decision making the responsibility to one manager. This will remove bias from the decision and improve the evaluation system. Read More
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Advantage of the Forced Ranking in the Organization Essay - 31.
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