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Name: Course code: Lecturer: Date: Fixed distribution evaluation system Performance appraisals are a common feature in many organizations. It is a process that enables the organization to determine the effectiveness of each member of the organization. In most instances the information is either gathered by the supervisor or the employee themselves or is a process that is often not warmly welcomed by all members of the organization…
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Employees Performance & Assessment system used in your organization
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Download file to see previous pages This has thus forced organizations to ensure proper training and support for those conducting the assessment, and assessing the risk possibilities to reduce legal liabilities. A job performance evaluation system is only considered effective if it can clearly show employees responsibilities, motivate them, show their contribution and give information that can be useful in making personnel decisions. This essay will evaluate the forced distribution system of performance evaluation, its advantages, disadvantages and ways of improving the system. In a forced distribution evaluation system the managers are expected to distribute ratings for the evaluated employees, into a pre-specified performance distribution ranking as described in Concise Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management by Cooper & Argyris. Meisler defined forced distribution performance evaluation as; It's a workforce-management tool based on the premise that in order to develop and thrive, a corporation must identify its best and worst performers, then nurture the former and rehabilitate and/or discard the latter. It's an elixir that in these slow-growth times has proved irresistible to scores of desperate corporate chieftains - but indigestible to a good many employees (44-49). Just like the name suggest this system forces the managers to ensure that the performance evaluation reflects the true performance of each member within the organization. This system aims to improve overall productivity within the organization. Most organizations have developed their own criteria of ranking, which functions by developing the criteria and employees and ranked according to it. The performance criteria can either be in terms of goals or expected behavior expected of the employees. Microsoft organization rates its employees using a unique scale. Their 5 point scale ensures that employees also get a ranking for being either the most valuable or the least valuable in terms of performance. Through lifeboat discussions managers will decide on the rankings by choosing the employees that they consider as the most valuable (Abelson,1). This form of ranking allows for determination of the least performing employee, because of this some organizations use the same system as a means of determining which employees are to be laid off. This ranking that allows for firing of workers has led the forced distribution system to be termed as ‘rank and yank’ system (Osborne & McCann, 6- 9). This system though employed by some organizations has both positive and negative features. It is imperative when considering an evaluating system to use in an organization to look at both of these features. This enables an organization to decide on which best fits the organization and will ensure that the employees feel secure in the workplace and promotes effectiveness and productivity. One of the advantages of fixed distribution performance evaluation system is that is that the use of this type of system can help to ensure that common errors that occur during performance evaluation are eliminated. These errors include; poor rating of the employees, or leniency errors whereby the employees are rated questionably well. The latter is the most common, and it is found in most cases that an employee is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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