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CRISIS - Essay Example

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During the initial stages of starting it, there are many questions than answers. The real problem in this case is how to develop a customer base for our business and what issues can drive away these customers. This crisis action plan will aid…
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Extract of sample "CRISIS"

Crisis Crisis Beginning a business is very hard. During the initial stages of starting it, there are many questions than answers. The real problem in this case is how to develop a customer base for our business and what issues can drive away these customers. This crisis action plan will aid the business and offer the courage and strength to continue.
The vision of this business is to be a leading company in advising visitors from all over the world how to plan their travelling schedule. In this manner, people will be able to understand what type of activities our company transacts. More so, making decisions for the company will be easy and prompt.
Customers for this business are mainly businesspersons and tourists. Therefore, it is vital to understand them, where they come from and challenges they experience while travelling. Further, it will be good to understand what our customers like and what they do not. Thus, for the success our success, our company will need to handle each customer differently because they have different needs and demands.
The company will have to provide vital ideas and feedback regarding how the business is conducted. Instead of wasting time and money, the company will develop a simple and economical system that will help us spend less while meeting customers’ demands. It is also imperative to study our competitors’ progress and recognize what has worked for them and what has not.
The cost of running this business is too high. The company will develop a spreadsheet that will enable it trace how money is used. This way, it will be easy to minimize operational expenses.
Since the business deals with tourism and hospitality, it will be good to work with tourist industries in order to get more customers. More so, it will be good to develop a list of ideas that will enable the company management to make some tough choices when the customer base is too low. Additionally, partnering with others will help the business grow since it will be easy to get feedback from them on what needs to be done in order to reach out to more customers. Collaborating with others will also save the company’s’ money.
Since the company has its objectives, goals, mission and vision, it is time to work and make profits by looking at all those outlined strategies and developing a workable timeline for the business. In this manner, tasks will be accomplished easily because there will be coordination and teamwork. Once this is done, the crisis action plan will be used to ensure that what has been outlined is implemented.
Email response
To Kevin Ward
It is in regard to the email you send us concerning our plan for the company. We as a company have prepared a crisis action plan to guide us in our operation and help the company overcome this situation. Further, the email you send us had a lot of information that we have incorporated in our action plan. We hope that this will aid the company and bring it back to its normal operation as we try to rebuild our tainted image and get more customers. We thank you for being concerned how the company is doing. We as management are working hard to bring back to where it was many years ago.
Fink, S. (2000). Crisis management: Planning for the inevitable. New York, NY: Back-Print. Read More
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CRISIS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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